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A Killer Wants Justice

Rating: 2.6

My aunt was old and very weak
but rich up to her ears.
She had much gold and silver, too
and therefore many fears.

One night I snuck up in her house,
I'd made a special key.
I was as quiet as a mouse,
and she did not hear me.

I carried a knife, an eighteen incher
and was about to thrust it down,
when Max, that awful Scottish pincher
began to bark and growl and frown.

I killed them both in expert manner,
the knife with both hands (for extra strength) .
I wasn't sure about how deep,
that's why I slid them width and length.

When all was quiet save my teeth
I dragged them down toward the cellar.
And dug one hole to put them in
and said 'good work there, feller'.

The gold and silver and the money
where heavy but I took it all.
And then I thought it might be funny
to give the cops a little call.

A handkerchief on the receiver,
I spoke with accent and quite loud
to the confused 'not-quite-believer'.
I told him what it was about.

And finally, before good bye
I couldn't help myself to yell
that he should look now for the guy.
That's why I'm sitting in a cell.

My aunt was old and very weak
and rich up to her ears.
Now you, the jury, all you seek
is truth you know no fears.

You want my life but I am young,
and I was poor, you know.
Of all the laws you look among
find one and let me go!


Sandra Osborne 05 December 2004

Excellent Metre and I loved the last stanza. It is also good to see poets write from another view. Very nice.

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Lenchen Elf 10 November 2004

Glad you submitted this one H: -)

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 07 September 2005

Interesting write....I had to read it till the end.

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Linda Preston 28 March 2005

interesting ending - what works with this poem is - it kept me going to the end wanting to know why and what would happen - sign of a good story teller

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Sylvia Spencer 24 March 2005

Herbert one writes what one feels, I have written many a crime poem over the years because I am am interested in criminology. I liked your poem it flowed well, I love to read a poem where the pen flows to make easy reading and this one did.

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Aah, a poem to my liking. It sends chills up and down my spine, you're 10 awaits.

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dissatified exmember 09 January 2005

Did you write this from a pure fictional angle or did it realte to an actual happening? ? ?

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