A Lady In A Long Black Dress Poem by JJ Evendon

A Lady In A Long Black Dress

A lady stands with her back to me,
wearing nothing but a long black dress that's loose and free.
Her hair, golden, is rich and slightly curled,
her slim beautiful neck decorated only with a string of south sea pearls.
Sparkles flash from diamonds hanging from each lobe
underlines her elegance, so personified, from head to toe.
If beauty could be measured by the number of stars
our galaxy would be the brightest in the universe by far.
It is as if an angel has been placed in front for only me to see,
captured my heart and taken everything that's true to me.
A joyous rapture that sets bells ringing across an endless void,
where I'm lifted to a place that's somewhere way above this world.
How can beauty speak so powerfully when nothing is said?
like a heart which is always painted in crimson red.
On stage, a band slowly enters and begins to assemble,
and takes position next to a large electric piano.
As the first few notes begin softly to be heard,
it then becomes a crescendo that drowns all but the loudest of words.
Suddenly the rasp from a single saxophone punches out a soulful tune,
that draws couples to the centre of the dance room.
It is as if something happened and I'm not in control
for I find myself dancing with her to the sounds of rock & roll.
I can't help feel she wants to fly and turn in my arms
even taking in a waltz from Strauss or maybe Brahms.
I've become her marionette and she has become mine
for she dances beautifully and in perfect time.
Her long black dress moves like coffee and cream
swirling beautifully with her body in perfect harmony.
Her high heels seem sculptured on her feet
as they move with mine briskly across the floor to sounds of the beat.
We danced until the band played their very last note,
applaud, looked at each other, and then she spoke
'I enjoyed this evening, I enjoyed the dance,
even more, it was fate that brought us together, not chance'.
We looked at each other and we smiled, for love was written there
then she faded suddenly and disappeared mysteriously into thin air.
Now alone, I'm left holding a fragrance that was once her hand
for she has gone, like the music, like the band.
On this day I must have danced with an angel from above.
An angel who wanted to dance one last time and fall in love.
For she will always be there for me, somewhere,
dancing with my shadow in her long black dress and golden hair.

Sunday, July 20, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Love
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