'A Letter To A Friend' Poem by Nora Eason

'A Letter To A Friend'

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Greetings to you friend,
I hear your down and out.
Don't feel alone, I've been there too,
I know what your about.

Your life just seems so useless,
No feeling left inside.
You want to run away from it,
But there's no where left to hide.

You have friends but still you're lonely,
You have family, but yet alone.
A life so cold and empty,
Such as no one's ever known.

You've tried everything you know,
To get someone to listen.
You've tried drinking, drugs, and sex,
but still there's something missing.

You feel your looking in,
On an outward cry of pain,
Hoping that the sun would shine.
But you still get pouring rain.

You feel like giving up,
To end the grief you suffer.
But believe me when I tell you,
It will only make things rougher.

But I'll share a little secret,
That will help you make it through,
But remember when I tell you this,
I once felt just like you.

The secret that I found,
Goes back so many years,
It can take away your loneliness,
It can wipe away your tears.

My secrets name is Jesus,
He died for you and me,
And suffered greatly for our sins,
So we could both be free.

See God sent down His Son,
So whoever would believe,
That Jesus was the Son of God,
Life Eternal- they'd receive.

So these lonely empty feelings,
That frequently do seize us,
Are due to living out our lives,
Without the Savior, Jesus.

There's nothing hard about it,
just follow me in prayer,
invite the presence of the Lord,
and He too will be there.

Say, Jesus I'm a sinner,
I'm lonely and I'm lost.
I understand you love me Lord,
and paid the highest cost.

Even though I am not worthy Lord,
Forgive me of my sins.
I believe you are my Savior,
come dwell and live within.

You died upon the Cross for me,
So I could be brand new.
And with this precious gift you gave,
I now die unto you.

I will serve you now and forever,
be my master and my friend.
Please take me underneath your wing,
Let your spirit now descend.

My life from this day forward,
will shine for all to see.
And spread the news of Jesus Christ,
the one who set me free-Amen.

~ Jon London ~ 23 July 2008

Nora what can I say about this piece.....it's absolutely out of this world....amazing 10+ Highest Regards Jon

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Ency Bearis 15 July 2008

you are truly friend and you let your friend know the meaning of life with spiritual guidance...nice to read, a nice concept... but a suggestion, I'll e mail it to you. Best Wishes, Ency Bearis

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