' Prisoners Of The Soul' Poem by Nora Eason

' Prisoners Of The Soul'

You sit behind those bars of steel,
wondering where time has gone.
You chose to fight the law one day,
but the law has finally won.

Your memory walks through happy times,
of your family left behind.
And your heart it cries for love again,
and a peaceful state of mind.

Those thoughts were fresh, when you arrived,
now they fade with passing days,
And that freedom dream you held onto,
is now a smoky haze.

Now a broken heart and shattered dreams,
Haunts you day and night.
If the hands of time could turn around,
you would change your wrongs to right.

But it's too late now, to repent yourt crimes,
No mercy will be shown.
The law is firm and won't forgive,
your crimes it can't condone.

But there's one who will forgive you,
of all that you have done.
He's the bright and morning star above,
He's God's own precious Son.

He died for you many years ago,
As he hung upon a tree.
And on that day, he sewpt away,
your sins and set you free.

We all are prisoners of the soul,
until Jesus breaks our chains.
And once we surrender our lives to him,
he will ease those hurting pains.

He brings hope to the hopless everyday,
with his unconditional Love.
If you try him on, you soon will see,
he fits just like a glove.

But you must believe in Jesus Christ,
And make him Lord of all.
Before those chains that have you bound,
will loosen up and fall.

In his very own words, Jesus said,
at least in words of sort.
That every one has sinned in life,
and all have fallen short.

So if you want your hope restored,
just pray this simple prayer.
Invite the presence of the Lord,
and he will soon be there.

Say, Jesus I'm a Sinner,
I'm lonely and I'm lost.
I understand you love me Lord,
and paid the highest cost.

Even though I am not worthy Lord,
Forgive me of my sins.
I believe you are my Savior,
come dwell and live within.

You died upon the cross for me,
So I could be brand new.
And with this precious gift you gave,
I now die unto you.

I will serve you now and forever,
be my master and my friend.
Please take me underneath your wings,
let your spirit now descend.

My life from this day forward,
will shine for all to see.
And spread the news of Jesus Christ,
the one who set me free-Amen.

Now that hopeless soul that daily cried,
has finally found it's hope.
And your brand new friend, you just have found,
will give you strength to cope.

And if nothing else, find peace in this,
no matter the sentence you bear.
Jesus is coming again real soon,
and his kigdom you will share.

And those years of time your looking at,
will seem like just a thing.
When your record is stamped for all to see,
'Paroled by Heaven's King.'

So live each day for Jesus Christ,
and look up to the stars.
Cause a manison is yours, just through Heaven's doors,
not a cell with prison bars.

And forgive yourself cause Jesus has,
no need to further fear.
Put your trust in him, that precious gem,
his return is very near.

Kesav Easwaran 29 May 2009

good poem Nora...lot of noble thoughts and morals inside arising out of your firm belief in God...a cleansing out poem i must say...let's remain prisoners ever in His soul...10

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 16 March 2009

A lenghty poem but full of lessons, faith and determination. I think we all are prisoners of the souls and religion is a good escape. Best Wishes Naseer

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