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A little fun keeps you young;
A little laughter keeps you bright.

You walked as fast as you could
Bringing with you some food to partake
Life is difficult, you have to make do
With the provisions the nuns have provided

My poetry journey is nothing and nowhere to go
Without leaving a word or two
I need a companion along the way
With you in my thoughts each day

A Mother's Love

Nowhere will i find a love like a mother's love
Who did her best, to look her best

My hands are folded as i bow down and pray
My expectant heart is waiting for you to say
Go in peace, rise my child, don't worry
I will be here for you till eternity

(A collab write with Kayte, a fellow poet)

We're going to ride the Ferris Wheel of Life
And when it gets to the top,

A Reason And A Purpose

Our life's journey here on earth
has a reason and a purpose

I am a woman of faith
To a one true God
Depending, leaning and relying
I run to You in prayer

There's a place i know and love
A place called a poet's home
Pens and minds meet
Time, tears and gold were set.

What has friendship got to do in times of need?
A thousand reasons perhaps for one to see
Someone in collaboration with unlikely times...,

I last saw you on frames
Worshiped by gods and demi-gods
Now, you walk once again
In my path for sympathy

Time eternal, time translucent of light
Time in our hands
Who would believe
That we were once borne in a lifetime

A hug each day
Will drive your blues away
To welcome you
or i hate to see you go

I promise
To give you a shoulder to lean on
A hand to guide your way
A whisper, a soft whisper

The moment you came into my life
I knew you were the one
to keep me so right
and as we began life’s journey

The Cry Of My Heart

Your hands are not too short

Comfort me..please. when i am sad and lonely
I need your strength to cover my weakness
I need your physical presence, your assurance
Your loving arms, when i am down and out

A beauty that comes from within
is a beauty age cannot wrinkle
Never distracted by a simple pimple
But by a radiant face of joy and pleasure

I sat.....wide-gazed..
Life's possibilities....
Not without the Cross

A special tribute for Karin Anderson

I treasured every moment we exchanged pleasantries
Your cool disposition, compassion and wisdom linger in my memories

Meggie Gultiano Biography

I am not a poet..I will never be. I play the guitar, piano, keyboard, harmonica and other musical instruments.My mother and my maternal grandma were my first music teachers. I love to swim and dive.Our ancestral home is near the sea.Music is my first love.Writing is only my past time. Meggie Gultiano is my maiden name. I have worked as a Community Organization worker for fifteen years when I was still single, and presently helping an outreach every week. I teach choir in a local university, and piano during week ends. Some of my works (just simple) are featured in some of the websites for photo journalist. One of my poem, a six liner was set into music, in a musical presentation in Minnesota arranged by an international composer, Stephen Paulus.The CD and musical sheet were released last July,2008. I want to thank Sir Ben Gieski, Karin Anderson, Sandra Fowler, Ernestine Northover and Alison Cassidy. They are always there for me in my poetry journey, helping me whenever i needed them.I love you, guys. Thank you so much for leaving your beautiful heart print in my simple scribble. Be blessed and be a blessing to others too. SHALOM)

The Best Poem Of Meggie Gultiano

A Little Fun Keeps You Young

A little fun keeps you young;
A little laughter keeps you bright.
When you get to that age
When a mid life crisis looms
Go out and act like a kid again.
Don't worry what the neighbors might say
They are probably crazy anyway.

Change your hair color grow it long
Change your style and wear a thong
That will put some spring in your step
Or goose yourself to give you some pep
Don't worry what the neighbors might say
They are probably crazy anyway

Dance till the wee hours in the morning
Let loose, but don't get lost in the spring
Smile, even if there's nobody around
Run, until you're nowhere to be found
Don't worry what the neighbors might say
You are more than crazy than they anyway..

Pssst..have fun reading this, please, lol.

a fun collab write with David Harris and Jojo Bean

Meggie Gultiano Comments

Meggie Gultiano 16 May 2009

Robert Howard (9/11/2008 10: 11: 00 AM) Guess what? Meggie's poem Faith, Hope and Laughter has been chosen as the text for a children's choral piece by the composer, Stephen Paulus. Mr. Paulus is a nationally recognized composer of orchestral, choral and operatic compositions. This is a great success and well deserved honor. PERSIAN NIGHTINGALE (3/2/2008 8: 01: 00 AM) she gives us her touching heart print, she is a poet indeed. marvin brato (1/7/2008 3: 19: 00 AM) Meggie is a girl friend in PH, she is a lady who sees the emotions of many and discern the innermost feelings of man. She brings joy and inspiration to people by her poems. She can become a great poet!

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Janell Cressman 30 March 2009

Meggie is an amazing writer that makes me want to write better, she know what shes about and she is an awesome lady! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! keep writing megg's you are amazing! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Eddie Larkin 30 January 2009

Meggie is a kindly soul who sees the best in everyone, no matter how bad they may be. This is what I see whenever I read her beautiful words.

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Miriam Maia Padua 12 December 2008

EARTH ANGEL...ANGEL FRIEND....Friendly poet....Poet with brilliant mind, heart and SOUL...i am so happy finding you my friend.....God bless you always.......i cant forget you.....thank you for everything..........

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Richard Ilnicki 01 August 2009

Meggie: I like this poem. 'It is appointed unto men once to die...' Our precious time is a gift from God; every second represents an opportunity to love someone or something. Love is the thing, is it not because time runs out, but love never does. God is love. Richard Ilnicki

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 June 2021

2) for you and your great beloved family. Amen!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 June 2021

My dearest Sista, Congratulations being chosen as The Poet Of The Day, today on Wednesday 16 June 2021. Although you don't submit a poem anymore, as much and as important you are chosen by the PH Poemsite and Team. God's Blessings in Abundance

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Dr Pintu Mahakul 16 January 2017

From the Desk of DR. PINTU MAHAKUL (Ph.D.) Mother Meggie (Title of the poem) Philippines name of the beautiful nation, Cebu City is very nice this life’s station. The relation of her with nation is so nice, Very cute this country ever offers all rice. Great poetess taking birth in lovable city, From mind she writes poems are so pretty. Meggie Gultiano Villamera mother she is, Some poems are life’s some are nice quiz. Every poem she writes is so worthy work, Each poem carries light, poem breaks murk. She writes poems on nature and also on life, Philosophy poems carry, she has no strife. Reading her poems pure joy gets a reader, With heavenly effort she is a poetic leader. Although mother she is also a nice friend, Friendship is eternal gift this has no end. She is also old friend of my poetess mom, At each moment I offer her emotion nom. May God bring fortune, may she live long, God is merciful he has made her so strong. © Pintu Mahakul,15 January 2017. All rights reserved. My Note: This poem is written as a tribute to our old poet friend poetess Madam Meggie Gultiano Villamera of Cebu City of country Philippines. This poem is written on date 15 January 2017, Sunday, in Brahmapur City of Odisha, India (Time: 3: 16 PM IST Time in India) and dedicated to the people of the world. This is a poetic feedback about poetess.

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Catrina Heart 10 August 2009

A THANKFUL GLARE She - A flower whose beauty glows from inside-out. Hoisting people to posture great faith and confidence, Whose sweet darling scent blends with the morning air? Mesmerizing every man and woman to stand in trial, so fair; She, who has a golden title, sparkles beyond compare. Her passion of selfless service comes from the heart’s care. Inspirational genius – religious queen, blossoming everywhere! Your kindness crowns you golden on our eyes thankful glare... ----------- Meggie one of the stupendous inspirational poets of modern day. Her pieces truly mirrors her heart and soul. The noble deeds she shared to most of us in the best way that she could to offer were beyond compare. With much love and thanks, Catrina

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Meggie, you are a guardian angel on our planet reaching out to others through the power of spirit and love. Your words come from your innermost soul and your poetry reflects who you are - a creative musician and poet who has a readership of many who read your work, because it is uplifting and full of beauty and truth. Thanks for always being here for me and love always from one of your greatest admirers. Karin Anderson

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