A Little Dark Side

Rating: 5.0

All these things inside my head
All these feelings that I get
I cannot change the things I did
I cannot change whats in my head
I don't know how I lose control
I thought that you would rule my soul
But im still the same, and nothings changed

I think I have a dark side
A rebel girl that's trapped in me
And everytime she grasps for air
She leads me to believe
The things she does is still ok
Because that's who she is
But I don't know what to say
The morning after this

Sumtimes im scared of whats to come
Of what they will say about me
They don't know her like I do
They don't see what I see
I tried to cage her, keep her in
But there's apart that wants to be
That little rebel girl inside
Is starting to rule over me!

Mohammad Akmal Nazir 27 June 2011

Great poem. Wonderfully conceived. I liked it for its remarkable imagery and decent style. Rated it 10. TFS..... Kindly read and rate my poem 'A busy street' on page 1.

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