A Love Letter. Poem by Mary X

A Love Letter.

Rating: 3.5

I sit in the dark niches
Alone. Even darkness reminds me
Of you. Your sweet fingers
Brushing against my neck and
Paving my back. This is a poem
To you my Love. Sweet and pretty;
The morning dove. So, here I am,
Life has brought me,
But only you have taught me.
If there is one thing that an old
Temperamental beetle has learnt, one thing
From the depths of the fields and the valleys
Of pretension, from distant trees and
Nose bleeds, it’s that I can

A baby born upside down, but
Never in topsy-turvy land.
Have this blank piece of paper – for
It means much more than a filled
Page of ramblings, please –
Treasure it forever, keep it close to your
Heart forever. Even the floor can smell like
Your sweet essence; when you’re away;
If I use
My imagination to it’s fullest extent;
And in every other way.
I knew that you were mine
When wars fell to the ground and
Butterflies crept into the air. Medication can’t
Take my love away, not any medication, whether
It be medical, worldly or Sin.
Nothing will tear me apart from you,
Not even when our seams are old and
Fragile, worn with age – the sharpest
Scissor will never snip our material loops.
Our love is like a skull, a human skull,
And inside is love – protected
Outside by a lovely white bone-type
Structure. Hammers cannot break it,
Feet can never dent it, people cannot climb in,
And I never wish to climb out.

Mary. X.

Alison Cassidy 10 September 2006

Mary, I have to agree with Denis that a little pruning would give this poem (attractive as it is) a better shape, but your obviously have a great talent and I look forward to reading more. Warmly Alison

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Joseph Daly 10 September 2006

This is a lovely piece though some of it (about a third) could be jettisoned and a couple of cringe-making rhyme (I love Rhyme) . But this has more to offer that is positive and very touching. The imagery is great the flow of the narrative is good, except in odd places. I feel like a hairdresser at the moment, seeing someone with a hair styl that I feel could be bettered. So it, this is your poem and you will look at it yourself in thefuture and change things about it. A poem is never finished.

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 07 September 2006

MARY X..I do believe your command of abstract verse is quite commendable... However, your style, which I find esoterically connective and brilliant, is MOST commendable.Pen On, young lady X ! '''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR

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jean sts 28 August 2006

This is a beautiful poem. It's very expressive.

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Mary X

Mary X

London, England
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