Where Do The Oceans Go. Poem by Mary X

Where Do The Oceans Go.

Rating: 4.8

And where do the birds go
when Winter settles its spiralling hands?

And where do the worms go
when Rain has stopped it’s angry gale?

And where do I go
when I have lost an army
and an ocean?

And where do the people go
that walk away from your life
and into other’s?

Maybe in the Fairy Market
they sell keys for doors
that need opening? Or maybe,
Maybe they sell bolts for doors
that need to be sealed? and never
opened again.

And where does my love walk
when it has no pavement?

And where do the people that sit
in pubs and cafés go,
After they’ve had a nice evening –
Sitting reading the paper
Drinking coffee and observing?

All of these nameless faces
that fade into crowds
and walk the streets. They have lives
and they have passionate
Love affairs, arguments and nights
of walking under the weaved boughs
of a tree.

And where did you go
my beautiful Cinderella with cat-eyes?

And where will I go
when I walk through a crowd and into the horizon?

Mary X.


beautiful cadence. great poetry.

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Dee Daffodil 10 September 2006

Awesome...I often find myself thinking similar thoughts...like if I get to know one person really well....how many other people are there out there that just blend into the background, and are they not also worthy of getting to know well. It's a very philosophical poem, and I enjoy your style. Keep up the good work! Hugs, Dee

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Preeti - is here! 01 September 2006

You've got a very individualistic style of writing, very interesting indeed. I couldn't agree more, lock some dorrs, and open some. Nice thoughts herein. Preets

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Mary X

Mary X

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