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There was this
Barbie-doll girl I knew
who grew
into a Barbie-doll woman.

they told me that walking to the shop was best
done using a pair of old trainers.

that way I’d be able to walk with

There are times when you simply
cannot do anything.

You lay there in Medusa’s

I open up my book of thoughts
And memories, and get struck
With a whispery clatter of voices and a blowing force:

Fishing for wood
on the edge of my

I sit in the dark niches
Alone. Even darkness reminds me
Of you. Your sweet fingers
Brushing against my neck and

When you hurdle
into your pit-painting
gargling with salt-water,


Gut through your old
torn and dog-eared
books of thoughts
and philosophies,

And where do the birds go
when Winter settles its spiralling hands?

And where do the worms go

true emotions
don’t come easily.

not when trying to express

the words.

Drink up.

you sit by yourself
all the time.
I wonder what you wonder

The dipsy blonde with glasses
Is bending over again,

Trying to re-arrange her

We wish with our placid eyes.
We gaze to the starry-sky to gain
attributes to new bells of freedom.
The rain isn’t going to stop falling.

Who remembers
the divine abortion
standing by itself looking
like a lost-girl;

The cats rely on me.
As soon as I open
My back door,
And put one paw onto the patterned

</>A series of
Of whispers for another - dead –
are the constituent parts,


Considering treatment of
young minded,20-something
'seemingly' heterosexual males
who are white—confined

The sun outside is melting.
I suddenly find myself painting with
Pastels and inking with chalk,

Mary X Biography

average. come healthy aesthetics come deadly sufferings.)

The Best Poem Of Mary X

Bipolar Barbie.

There was this
Barbie-doll girl I knew
who grew
into a Barbie-doll woman.

She battled some
bipolar disorders
and cocks dressed
in suits, until
one day

it got too much.
She tried gassing
herself in her
car – hose-pipe in
the window affair –

but realized her
car was made
from plastic. Not
to mention that
plastic lungs
can’t do
much in the first place.

I guess plastic
brains don’t
think up

Mary X.

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Goldy Locks 21 September 2006

No matter what happens on here, i do hope to read your name one day. in print. Instead of up on a screen. You have more passion than most people have in a lifetime and it floods your pen with honesty. keep building new visions, new outlooks all the time. And you’ll grow forever.

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Joseph Daly 14 September 2006

Mary is, without doubt, one of the most talented people I have encountered. Her work is 'in-yer-face' but without the pretentiousness. There is an incredible dynamism that is lacking in a lot of artistic work of today. The freshness that she brings to poetry is breathtaking. If this woman is not published then the publishing world is run by crooks and wankers.

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Joseph Daly 14 September 2006

there are very few people that I would call cutting-edge. Most are happy to go along reading and writing the same guff; not wanting to move beyond the experienced. Mary is not one of those. her poems expound, not only attitude, but freshness. She tends towards the ' in-yer-face' school but without any pretentions or falseness. There is a realness and honesty to Mary's works that is lacking in a lot of artists these days; who are void of direction. Mary should be published. Out there and in yer face. As by-wordish as ... well... fairy liquid.

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