A Love So Kind Poem by Jessy Liz

A Love So Kind

Rating: 3.5

A stir of emotions, thoughts racing through-
Can't help but keep my mind on you.
Giving a little, in hopes of a lot,
I'm praying I am good enough
While watching eyes that watch me back,
I wait for cues on which to act.
This touch and go is terrifying
In shades of grey, I search the underlying..
For reasons you may change your mind,
In hopes I may find out in time..
To turn and run like I had planned to,
Though I don't want this piece to fall through.
And while I see I need you, I am always hiding.
So in you I take this chance, and to you I am confiding.
Love me slowly, a love so kind.
And please don't leave my heart behind.

Nangula Immanuel 22 July 2011

love it! Been there, am there...you want to let go but fears of getting hurt make running an option! well written! x

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Geoff Warden 12 September 2006

A true heart felt piece, your words depict the feeling in your heart well done

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Kelly Allen Vinal 06 September 2006

I must echo what Doc says below - a most enjoyable read!

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