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Deep within the chasm,
Lives the man without a name -
He’s come to represent
The secrets hidden in -

The breath of dead man winter’s
Swirling vapors of the frozen -
Forging dendrites in the splinters,
Bringing rains, the rivers run.

When I see the world, for you
When you became the world to me
A rainbow arched beyond the storms
To green pastures of destiny

Stand silent, and you’ll sense the ghosts
Of Fountains Abbey
White Monks in raw wool habits
Wafting through your soul

Sing we for the finest times,
For memories of tree-lined hills –
O’er fields lay strewn of flowers gold,
Ensconced, we are composed.

Walk, fire, unimaginative wretch -
Draw to me the daydream
Scene. Dreaming whilst awake,
Of palm tree trails and fields

Move away - from me, the form
Is parabolic in isolation, I’ll vet
The consequence and despair, despair
Will serve my hunger –

Everybody was
Beyond the slight of life
Lost upon enchanted places
Illuminating night –

You sang a song of eternal sanctum
Beneath a sliver moon of hope renewed
I discerned your mother’s voice, as it passed
Like an Olympic torch, to your daughters,

A tired man rests at the foot of his grave
To watch as the stone tracks the dying sun’s rays
And his back is arched and his tongue is dried as he shouts up to the sky

Turn another blinded eye, oblivious
To cattail meadows strewn sea-to-sea -
Each stalk, brazed by arctic incursions
And baked by the sun in May.

In small circles, I feel no pain
The magic flows, imbues my brain
Turns my focus to the sky

Onward to the best not spoken,
When every vestige of pride becomes a prayer –
And the sadness of God is manifested
In the emancipation of collective doubt.

Our world is rife, rife
With plague, deceit
And defeat

Wounded swan, still beautiful –
Spreads wings she feels
Are broken –
Determined still to climb again

Liver little
Bile of ages run
Acid of humanity
Shudder in the morning sun

Your life seems sudden
And less familiar –
Sometimes bigger,
Sometimes louder than


The beauty of a lonely willow
As summer shadows pass
To equinox
Leaves, low and delicate,

There is something left
In your eyes, they do not lie
I am my. My is something subjugate
To the lower, low me, below

It isn’t but to pass, the waning hour
Of desire and that opportunity nearly squandered -
The soul’s calloused scars of never-ending promise,
Denied in the vitriolic stream of unrelenting time.

Kelly Vinal Biography

A former associate professor of management sciences at Campbell University in North Carolina, Kelly Vinal is the author of The Extracted MBA, the popular academic resource published by Universal Publishers and found on many college reading lists throughout the United States. Vapours of Promise is his fifth published collection of poetry in 21 years and the first to receive worldwide distribution. He holds various management degrees, to include a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Management. Kelly Vinal is a career active duty military officer currently stationed in the Germany. Kelly Vinal is now deployed to LSA Anaconda in Balad, Iraq. His published collections of poetry: 1983 - Vision: Behind My Eyes (Gulrang, Karachi) - Out of Print 1986 - Nefarious Pandemonium (Gulrang, Karachi) - Out of Print 1989 - Still Life (Lorrah and Hitchcock, New York) - Out of Print 1992 - Discipline of Steel (Lorrah and Hitchcock, New York) - Out of Print 2004 - Vapours of Promise (Llumina, Coral Springs, FL) - In Print, Available at B&N and

The Best Poem Of Kelly Vinal

The Man Without A Name

Deep within the chasm,
Lives the man without a name -
He’s come to represent
The secrets hidden in -
And so we, do we castigate
Those things not understood,
In culture and in worship,
In ideals and shades of skin

This society

Is it not hypocrisy
To cast as demons, if but only for
Subjective sin and character
Unlike our own -
If only I could exorcise
My coded prejudice, my DNA,
And pave a plane of equity
For our homogenous affinity -
And I would be the first
To grasp your outstretched hand, my friend,
To seal the man without a name -
To heal the man within.

Kelly Vinal Comments

James Watts 22 December 2004

Hello Kelly, Im sure its you that said to me that i should never be discouraged by others when it comes to writing but when i spoke to my friend she said that you gave her a negative comment and quiet upset her. At the age of 14 nobody would like to here that even if you disagree with what they say but it is there own work and something that helps them escape, therefore i would just like to say that you need to think about your actions before you say things because i dont know wiether they got the wrong end of the stick but she was hurt by it and caused her to take some of her work off this site. Do you think thats fair? I hope this did not offend you that was not the point i just wanted to point something out to you. Yours Sincerley James Watts

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Lenchen Elf 05 December 2004

Thoroughly enjoyed all your work published here and look forward to more

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Pradeep Dhavakumar 16 December 2004

Each and every poem of yours is a joy to read.Some, I had to read twice or thrice to understand!

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Judith Jacob 15 April 2005

Your poems are absolutely great! I really enjoyed reading them. Keep up the good work.

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Mikoto 07 September 2005

Thank you for commenting to my poems. I'm sorry for my late reply. I like 'To see and love and believe' of 'Between the Blinds'. I felt happiness from this words. Keep writing.

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Angela Fye 01 October 2006

you're poems are abosolutely awesome....they say a lot

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kAy BaRCeLon 06 September 2006

I am humbled by your poems. Your writings are exemplary. Your range is broad but yet shows your seriousness as a poet. You also have a stirring but careful selection of words. Tus poemas son profundos. Impresionante! Magaling! Thank you, Kay.

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Isaac Ray 21 August 2006

thank you, I'll be looking forward to reading a lot of your works man. -eric

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zip zap 13 November 2005

thanks for commenting! I look forward to reading more of your work -phoebe

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Anne Leaver 12 November 2005

Kelly Thanks for your comment on my poem - beautiful work that I've read so far of yours here, and I look forward to reading more. Anne

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