Jessy Liz Poems

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The Art Of Death

Death by murder- death by chance
Death by secret night romance
Death by number- paint the lines
Death in color, or black and lie

Lie To Me

Legs are shaking
Barrier’s breaking
Please forgive me
I’ve been sinning


Sun is bright. Birds are singing.
The air is thick and heavy.
Knock, knock- no one’s home.
Key turns and we’re alone.

Bruised Lips

Bruised lips;
Mascara smeared-
Panties lying
Over there.

Blue Ribbon Smile

Red roses on piano keys
She's on her knees.
Black sky against green leaves
She's bleeding.

A Love So Kind

A stir of emotions, thoughts racing through-
Can't help but keep my mind on you.
Giving a little, in hopes of a lot,
I'm praying I am good enough

Backdoor Romance In Black And White

They wear their business suits in public
With their business faces, too.
But at night they tear their stage sets down
And pay their backdoor dues.

I Hate Myself For Loving You

I'm hanging on to hopes and dreams,
Afraid of losing everything..
Hating myself for breaking the rules;
Disgusted that I fell for you.

This Bitter Champagne

Sweetest lie I’ve ever heard-
A blank shadow of the deepest word.
Turned from champagne to vinegar on your tongue-
Spilling from a mouth that’s far too young.

Fits Like A Tragedy

Closure is a noose, I’m finding now.
I am breaking loose and crying out.
It fits like a tragedy.
In the mirror I can see..

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