A Lucky Me! Poem by Vinaya Joseph

A Lucky Me!

As a dark August went by without much fanfare,

And a bright September stepped in demure,

I was blessed to have a sacred start,

Each day with bird songs

As I woke up to a new dawn,

I hear on an early September morn,

The harbinger of good luck,

Singing gluck, gluck, gluck…

A cloudy sky,

Brief spells of shower,

With mercury touching 30 degree Celsius,

That's what the weather forecast had to say,

Heaven-sent, it is a bright sunny day

For my birdie to play

In my garden

Hopping from one bough to the other,

Like a trapeze artiste,

Sometimes relaxing

On my coconut and jackfruit

Sometimes singing

On my mahogany and mango,

While at times performing

On my wood apple

I see it,

Fluttering its copper-brown wings,

In the September sun

With eyes like little red cherries,

And a black pepper in the centre,

Searching for insects on my gooseberry,

A gentleman-like gait with a dark brown coat,

Foot by foot,

Your calls are loud and distinct,

Note by note,

The morning air echoes,

With sonorous calls

Gluck, gluck, gluck…

Perched on the branches

Of wind-swept fronds,

Without any flocks,

You walk alone,

Engaged in your work,

I am fortunate and blessed,

To savour these kind nature's favours,

And to have you

Here in my little backyard!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
My home is literally a tropical paradise for birds. Mornings are broken by the calls of a wide variety of birds including crows. But the one I like the most is crow pheasant or some call it greater coucal. In the vernacular, it is called as Uppan and considered to be a lucky omen. Scientifically belongs to genus Centropus and species sinensis. Its body resembles that of a crow and has a copper-red-brown plumage. Unlike other birds, I haven't seen this one in flight. Mostly, I have seen it hopping on the ground. Love it as it gobbles up most of the blanket worms, which I truly detest. So here are a few lines in honour of this majestic bird …
Vinaya Joseph

Vinaya Joseph

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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