A Nameless Girl Poem by Scarlet .....

A Nameless Girl

Rating: 2.8

it must be a good mask
the one she hides behind
for no one sees her
not the real her
she is just lost in the crowd
she is just another nameless face everyone passes by
she stands in the crowd just being pushed into the background
hidden behind a mask with an attempt at a fake smile upon it
that is all people see of her is that mask
people do not care enough about anyone but themselves
to look beyond the mask
for they only see what they want to see
just enough
but not really enough
not enough to see through the mask
they just see enough of her to let her blend into the background
they don’t see
the pain within her eyes
the tears upon her face
the scars upon her body
the screams racing within her mind
the depression flooding her everythought
her cries for help
all they see is the mask
the mask of a girl
without a name
just a girl in the background
a forgotten girl
a lonely girl
a nameless girl

Indira Babbellapati 08 December 2008

a reading of this poem of alienation is enough to justify your name...this nameless girl is any girl anywhere!

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perfect everglade 22 January 2008

hi, i was just looking around and i read your poem and it is amazing. i loved it! you should come read some of my poems. i felt the poem and its emotion, i think you might like so of mine.

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Alison Cassidy 19 October 2007

This is compelling piece about the pain of alienation - a cry for help from someone without confidence and self-esteem. Your mask metaphor is great and so, too is the layout of this piece - it flows really well and I believe it gets more fluent as it goes along. You might find a bit of judicious pruning in the earlier lines wouldn't go astray, but all in all, a great poem. love, Allie xxxx

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Iain Mackay 19 October 2007

Thanks for sharing this

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