Blood Poem by Scarlet .....


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it comes warms
but can run cold
it can dry
but comes out in a liquid rush
we all have lots
some fear the site of it
some crave the site of it
for it is so beautiful
its beauty can not be duplicated
everyone's has a shade of its own
so beautiful
so deep
so rich
so perfect
it may not be strong
for it can be destroyed
but without it you can not last
for without it you are nothing
for you would be destroyed
it is your power
it is your life
it is your blood
it is you

THE FIRST SHRIKE 25 April 2007

girl I said please keep quite about such things as blood, running from one arm and into the other.For no other way in socity will such people put up with folk such as thee.For the darkest of secrects of which you so speak have as by now been bestowed unto me. When you are ready to know the diffrence of being clinicly dead then rersercked and forth comming in proper manner then perhaps I may so choose to render upon you a proper lesson.

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Vinod Kumar 23 December 2008

Red the energetic colour that is Blood, it is life, it is love, it is happy, and it is strong also, a Well expression poem, Thanks for sharing

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Yasser Koor 25 November 2008

Blood, , , , it is great to write about that power about that liquid. i like this poem, , , , well done

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Random Crap 18 August 2007

That poem is just so passionate and thoughtfull. Personally, i find blood fascinating.

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Jesica Reeder 22 May 2007

yeah ummmm this peice is very good i love it......for it is soo true and meaningful..... and everything you said about this it is true you are nothing w/o it but then nothing wit it..... and many people are addicted to this...and others fear of this...very exellent

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WOW! That poem was so strong and meaningful! I loved it, I just love your writing. Smiles N Hugs Rissa

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