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it boils within
slowly poisoning all that it touches
corrupting all that is within
it has now reached a new level

I know I can’t
you stay
but where

I lay here
the bed
tissues by
my side

a song I never knew
has now become the song I can never forget
it is the song that can cure all
for I sit and listen to that song everyday

i lay here and dream a dream

a dream of my future

it must be a good mask
the one she hides behind
for no one sees her
not the real her

it is fighting to be set free
the real me is now fighting
clawing at my inside
pulling trying to break the chains

a feeling I never thought I’d find
a feeling I didn't believe in
a feeling I now have


it comes warms
but can run cold
it can dry
but comes out in a liquid rush

I am but a caterpillar
surrounded by butterflies
such beautiful creatures
I have watched many like me change

I’m so afraid
I’ve finally found something
something good in my life
I’m afraid to enjoy it

I know why we do it
there are all different reasons
for some it is the blood
for some it is the release

dissolve the life from within me
you crawl inside of my mind
you want everything
you took the little i had left

I am a broken soul
I live in a broken home
I am the broken window in that house
I sit and watch the world around me break

I know I'm not alone
lets take a stand
lets fight it together
lets support each other

I found it
the thing I’ve been searching for
searching for for so long
I found the lost ray of light

So I look back on my life
trying to find a happy moment
to block out the pain
to have something to think about

the eyes of the light are so blind
blind to reality
blind to the truth
the eyes of darkness see it all

she sits in the corner
holding herself
trying to feel that thing others call comfort
she has but her own two shoulders to cry on

The Best Poem Of Scarlet .....

(my Flame) Burning From The Inside Out

My flame from

My flame of

Flame of
this flame is
my beast

It rages within me
higher and higher
it burns

I really need
to put this
flame out
for it has
already almost
taken my life

how do you
put a flame
out that is receiving
constant fuel

I know the flame
will never totally
be put out

Can I not
get it to
burn lower
for it is
so high now

That it is
once again
close to that
point of
serious harm

I need to be able
to lower it
to a level where
it causes no

I need to have it
under total
for in this
I can so

I learn to
this flame

I learn to
the fuel

I need to use fuel
in a positive way
before it reaches the

I need to be able
to release the fuel
without it touching
the flame

I so say

Scarlet ..... Comments

Madly In Love 29 March 2007

Unnoticed Unknown is a great poet and all of her poems come straight from the heart, if u havent read her work then ur missing out on some great poems <3 MZ

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James Mclain 23 June 2009

She grows from your pain..So she has grown a lot..She is is she..yes she bleeds very well...just read..iip

3 4 Reply

You are one of the amazing person i have met not only are you a great poet but you are also strong emotional. love you and your poems.

2 3 Reply
Red Blooded Black Hearted 05 November 2007

Poetic skillo in abundance! You write how you feel and use amazing amounts of emotion. I love your writing and I love reading your poems. Keep writing.

2 3 Reply
Molaire Jules 21 June 2007

Keep up the 'heartfelt' work, Great job! !

2 3 Reply

She is what she is for the whole world to so see A Coward She Is Not

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Scarlet ..... Popularity

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