Our Song Poem by Scarlet .....

Our Song

Rating: 2.5

a song I never knew
has now become the song I can never forget
it is the song that can cure all
for I sit and listen to that song everyday
its reminds me of all the good
it reminds me of so much
for these lyrics I will never forget
for no matter how bad a day
all I have to do is hit play
and it will all be ok
with this one song I become
so peaceful
so happy
so relaxed
I never thought I would ever feel this calm
but now I do
because of this song
our song
the song that reminds me of you
of us
of love
of happiness
of everything good
so now I lay here and just listen
listen to our song
I lay here in happiness
as I listen to our song
word by word
I become happier
as I listen to this song
not one time
but over and over
for this is the only song I want to hear
for this is the song that calms my beast
the savage beast inside
when I’m listening to this song
it is as if I don’t have a beast
I don’t feel it
not at all
it is just me
for once on my life it is just me
me and this song
our song

for it is so true music can calms the savage beast
as long as its the right song

Uloia Norris Moore 22 September 2007

For that which is right will be pure song it makes you happy hen over and over untill the blanket doth cover that which the past made you sad now be glad

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Wandering Scarlet 22 April 2007

must be an amazing song, i think i no which one it is... and good job enjoyed it

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Madly In Love 15 April 2007

Amazing good write

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