A New Begin Poem by Christina Phan

A New Begin

When things is going horrible and
The way you think expect to happen
Then you need to start
A new begin
Give yourself another chance
Take one step at time
I used to be person where
I'm scared for changes,
Take a crazy risk,
A shy girl and can't stand up for herself
That's not me anymore
I have grown up and matured
I'm different Christina
I don't regret things anymore
I don't think about past and want to reach for the goal
It brand new slate to start over and
A new begin
For you and me
I think you can do it again
Don't spend your time thinking or say what if
You are wasting your time
Just stand back up
I believe you
Don't say you are falling in a black hole and
You are trap forever by someone you can't stop loving so much
The world is not over for you
A new begin
We should try
Don't wait too long
Take your chances
A new begin

Adeline Foster 24 September 2012

We all must often start over else how will we get it right. Read mine - Sympathetic Pain - Adeline Perhaps dear, you meant to say - A New Beginning.

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Aqeb Benazir 08 August 2011

the msg is very relevant to the aspects of life! well penned...

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Subbaraman N V 08 January 2011

Be clear as what exactly is your goal. Move towards it with all seriousness with all honesty and in a virtuous path. God be with you!

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Preetam Shetty 28 May 2010

Try once Try twice and then change your strategy...good one

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yes... sometimes it's better to start over a new race that to be in the finish line unhappy...

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