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I see the glow of a candle fade,
So tender and sublime,
I know the quest has begun,
My race with time.

Hello Mr. Terrorist, how are you,
You don’t know me, to you I am new.
I am a child eight years old, living in dismay,
Right from the day, you took my daddy away.

Amidst the shadow of night,
It came like a boon,
Two pairs of excited eyes,
Gazing at their first moon.

Blessed was the day
Holy was the sunrise
A pure, innocent face
In my heart I reprise

I am going my son
Life I shall no more run
I am too tired now
My days here are done

I am thinking about the day
My heart shall be numb
I will want to do a lot
But tomorrow will never come

This is a story of a boy
A small little chap
Born in a village
On India’s map

The day when you were waiting
For the moment to see me crown
That was the first day when I hurt you
The day when I was born


Want to know who I am? ?

I am the music of Air
I am the flame of fire

I looked at myself, I looked at my pain
Thought if my life has gone all in vain
And while I was thinking and wondering why
With tears I looked at the deep blue sky


Come back oh divine father
There is a lot of collision
My brothers are dying here
Being killed in the name of religion

Its hue and cry all around
The heavens stand astound
We have erased all our senses
Even a bit that we found


Girl with a golden heart,
Thinks she is very smart.
You don’t agree she is right,
Get ready, she will fight.

Standing with the crowd
Why can I not be proud?
Since ages I have been differed
For the reason I am colored

Open your Heart,
Embrace the joy,
Raise your arms,
Welcome the great grey sky.


Freshness of shower
Fragrance of flower
Music of river
Warmth to prevent shiver

Waving on my dreams,
Trusting my insight,
I fly with a belief,
My wings have got the might.

You gave away your life
You feared to take it any more
You always prayed for happiness
Only to find pain in my store

Born with no knowledge
No pride, no honour
I am a human
In the search of a holy color

(This poem is dedicated to my friend who feels that her birth was responsible for destroying a happy family)

Up above in the heaven,
It hurts; I do cry,

Preetam Shetty Biography

A poet by choice and an IT proffesional by chance The name is Preetam Shetty Surrounded by cultures and diversity, brought up in a wonderful country 'India' my interest for words developed at the age of 15. Taking Humanity as a religion, I am working towards my cause, my words, my poems are for the sake of mankind. And I shall succeed the day every life on this earth starts respecting the other)

The Best Poem Of Preetam Shetty

Race With Time

I see the glow of a candle fade,
So tender and sublime,
I know the quest has begun,
My race with time.

The chill is coming near,
Every passing second,
Inner strength is diminishing,
No hopes to amend.

Groans of misery and dismay,
Have started filling the air,
All I can feel around,
Is a wave of despair.

Drugs are alms to my life,
Machines control my oxygen,
My trunk is too atrophied,
Waiting to see the dungeon.

I smile with the memories of past,
When the sun shined in the rain,
Because now I only see solitude,
Painful than any pain.

[This composition is dedicated to all cancer patients across the globe....especially those who are left alone by thier loved ones]

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