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A Nice 'tittle' As They Said

Too short, a language is a platform,
So rapping, creeping, seeping,
weeping, beeping, peeping, bloating and nearing rip-raps wont be much of homeland social security or a black hole problem.
Let is agree, by freeing ourselves for a moment, ...
I have no idea what triggers your senses or what makes your universe viable?
Too boring, O'ring, Yet efficiently short. I recycle words, phrases, wood, stones, scraps, left-overs...and any thing that is generated, made, and home-made possible for the comfort of the passive consumers, and for the sake of some monarchs, industrialists, planatation-nists, tranportation-nistas' (from a to z) steam.
So let recycle it, all of it for the sake of the planet. Nothing is wrong in doing art when one realizes that this planet is a tropical paradise. If musk and besos like to go to mars, that is fine with me, but please take with you any tesla AI, robiot, and your crazy homo-technicus, homo-habitus, and homo-logisticus managers; and also, please add more mass to the moon so it wont go away.
Nothing is wrong by cutting this page vertically into two halfs or more and create and ideology (i mean a fractal of words or a nice standing and sustainable structure.)