A Nose For Priceless Finds Poem by Alexandre Nodopaka

A Nose For Priceless Finds

Rating: 2.7

I was wondering if
there ever was
another artist that lost their ear
to art
when synchronicity stumbled
my way in a thrift store.

It was a broken clay figurine
that appeared to me
of South American provenance.

I came to that conclusion
judging by her foreshortened
pear-like very fat legs
small pierced tetons
& an open mouth
framed by painted red lips.

But it's her umbilicu
more than her missing ear
that attracted my attention
as right through its core
it had an opening &
judging by the fat lip rimming it
she must've had an outie.

Thank Tlazolteotl
her mouth slit was horizontally
the way it should be
because since childhood
I always had this preconception
that the pudenda slit should match
the South compass reading
and not the level slit
of their exotic eyes.

But in her case it was OK since
her cranium was also hollowed with
the objective to be a flower vessel
for pleasuring
my Gallic proboscis.

So you ask what has this to do
with the one-eared painter
to which I say,
Lucky he who hears only half
her moans because he's too busy
with his tongue
feeling for his other ear.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: poem,pome
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