A Parallel Between Godel, Escher And Bach Poem by Gayathri Seetharam

A Parallel Between Godel, Escher And Bach

A Parallel between Godel, Escher, Bach and past US policies
-Gayathri B. Seetharam
(Resuming on the 20th of March,2017 when Justin Trudeau is the PM of Canada and I ruefully say that I backed for quite some time the wrong leader(s) for me for sweet though they were, they did not grant me funding for any of my requests.)
I bring myself in again and say that the Godel codes could be the numbered notes which
Are paid to me Or the cheque numbers issued by the receiving and publishing of my work
Escher would be the artist I would try to emulate in a different way with my dress designing skills
And I would be making a beautiful presentation of artistic data, pretty and buxom women with make - up including myself
Bach would be the musician whose composition symbolically speaking, I would try to achieve with my own photo essays and other work.

And Justin Trudeau's eligibility as a man is heightened by the Godel codes on his PM's paycheque
And I have changed for during my engineer - productive past, I would have longed to make that kind of money
And Escher is the artist he is in terms of the continued beauty in the creation and sustenance of Canada
And Bach's skill in musical composition he emulates in his special quotes and addressing of various audiences;
And then there is Donald Trump, current President of the USA and in his case, the Godel codes are the assisting majority of the Republicans in the Senate as the number of Liberals are for Justin Trudeau in the Parliament, and his excellent pay which alas! must be shared between the West Wing and the East Wing, the latter being his lady's chambers
And Escher's creative talent lies in the beauty of his promises and as a Canadian, I am forced to add, only to the Land of America in terms of changing NAFTA, etc
And Bach's musical superiority, he does not lack, in his speeches despite the conservative bent of his text.
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I bespeak of lipsticks
Emotional and Carnal by Estee Lauder
Zinnea Red or 743 by Dior
The third, a numbered account by Guerlain
Which brings me to the Godel code
Where numbers are made to stand for symbols
And sequences of symbols
Which leads one to an enlightened state of mind
Or so says Hofstadter.

Barack Obama, as President, unravelled
A blue spool of thread
Which sometimes, he intertwines with red thread
Obamacare 1 and Obamacare, he weaves
Which have websites that take the Godel code, the Medicare number,
About bills of equal pay for equal work for women, he signs and grants
Numbered notes with Godel codes,
He vetoes the Keystone Pipeline plans
And Canada does not get to make blueprints with engineering drawings and Godel codes.

The Godel code is at the basis of number theory
Which is at the basis of mathematics
But the brain which has a right half with a creative and learner's edge
And a left half with an artistic, technical and mathematical edge
Cannot easily fathom mathematics
But it can effect an isomorphism between high level computer programs
And the analytical human brain,
The direct link or the branched link between the number theory and the computer language
Along with the registered Godel codes
In the human brain is an isomorphism,
Just as the executing President has an isomorphism with the Senate and the Supreme Court
That is a connective link rather than an one-to-one mapping.

It is also about Escher, I said
I know nothing of fire breathing dragons
But of Dragon by Escher, I write
Which is all about the 3-dimensionality of 2-dimensionality
Which brings us to Pres. Obama and his Republican controlled Senate
Like a 2D in 3D Mobius strip
Which is all about relative peaceful co-existence all around
Anywhere one traverses on the Mobius strip
But hints at gridlock because it
Is a lost highway or an infinite loop.

I end by naming Bach's piece of music, prelude No: 1 In C
From the musical album, Sea of Blue
Barack Obama's first term was a prelude
To his 2nd term as president
In character, colour and composition,
His 2nd term is like Bach's Adagio, a 2nd Movement
That reflects the parallel success of Stephen Harper, PM of Canada
And is a continuing chapter in the Book of Success of the USA.

A Parallel Between Godel, Escher And Bach
Sunday, March 18, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: logic,political
Gayathri B. Seetharam 19 March 2018

Dear Reader, I would like to add that I should have acknowledged Douglas Hofstadter, author of the book, Godel, Esher, Bach - A Golden Braid. I would also like to apologise to PM Justin Trudeau for not having updated the poem's content. I would also like to thank you, PoemHunter.com. I have other poems published on Facebook-PoemHunter.com; Thank you, Gayathri B. Seetharam

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