A Perfect Time, He Found For Me Poem by Daniel Y.

A Perfect Time, He Found For Me

My horse kept me going a while.
After that, my stomach as empty as my napsack
kept me wandering.

Morning comes on the snow and sand, a dirty mixture.
Behind, my barefoot prints left right by icicle toes
dissolve beneathe them.

The deep bruise of night,
and shallow waters:
what else can be more clear?

The smoldering leftovers by some miracle
have beaten the snow.
And prophecy the first embers of this day.

Gods visible breaths move in from the East.
First it kisses its forsaken sun, then,
like a candle trap
shuts it out.

Praise be to G-

Monday, October 13, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Daniel Brick 15 October 2014

I had students who would always show respect by typing only G_d. Is that what is meant by the last line, OR has the speaker expired from exposure. This is a Journey Poem but it seems to be the very bitter end, not of the journey but the journeyer. It moves very swiftly by leaping over opportunities to explain things, For example, the horse dies before the 2nd stanza. The fused metaphors of stanzas 3 & 4 are remarkable, also present without comment. For a poem which mentions God several times, I was aware mostly of his absence.

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