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Rookie - 321 Points [Doyen Lingua] (1991 - still breathing / Oregon)

Doyen Lingua Poems

1. Breakfast Brilliance 2/4/2014
2. Mr. Robot Man 2/4/2014
3. Solopsists 2/4/2014
4. On A Vitalist's Deathbed 2/4/2014
5. Poetry 2/4/2014
6. Pushover 2/4/2014
7. My Phantom Limb 2/4/2014
8. That's What Tree Said 2/4/2014
9. School Bus 2/4/2014
10. Unknown Soldier 2/4/2014
11. Prague 2/4/2014
12. Sculpting 2/4/2014
13. Kansas Mountains 2/4/2014
14. Origami Heart 2/4/2014
15. The Key 2/4/2014
16. Lennon Wall 2/4/2014
17. Dear Scarf, Return 2/4/2014
18. The Fate Of A Moth 2/4/2014
19. Poetry Comes Easily 2/4/2014
20. Chess 2/4/2014
21. Puppet 2/4/2014
22. Soft And Gentle 2/4/2014
23. The Long Dark Sleep 2/4/2014
24. Censored Poem 2/4/2014
25. Dictator 2/4/2014
26. Seaside Sonnet 2/4/2014
27. Other 2/4/2014
28. Backtracking 2/4/2014
29. Infinite Moments 2/4/2014
30. Brush Or Comb? 2/4/2014
31. Poet For Hire 2/4/2014
32. Snowflake Spinning 2/4/2014
33. Poem Fields 2/4/2014
34. Concerto 2/4/2014
35. Half A Page Remains 2/4/2014
36. The Fight To Be Heard 2/4/2014
37. A Disheartened Screw 2/4/2014
38. Sudoku Poem 2/4/2014
39. Running Paper 2/4/2014
40. Shipwreck 2/4/2014

Comments about Doyen Lingua

  • Daniel Brick Daniel Brick (2/17/2014 1:13:00 AM)

    I really misinterpreted Hello Again, Stranger when I wrote my comments yesterday. Actually it was early Sunday morning and my brain wasn't fully functioning. But tonight both that poem and WALKING ALONG... make perfect
    sense; they're two chapters from an on-going narrative. I don't know why I made the assumption that the couple in the first poem were uncommitted, hesitant, not ready to surrender to each other. Now I see from the opening they are connected: We traveled together... braved the unknown. And their rapport is mysteriously confirmed a few lines later: We went/because we were called/you and I. Is that an inner calling, because I don't see an outside agent. I really like the passage about the note he puts under her pillow, because it is a gesture of love. Your character doesn't have to say I love you, which would be a cliché, because he just proved his love with a gesture. (I'm going to stop and send this, because the problem might be the length of my comments.)

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Best Poem of Doyen Lingua

A Poem Is

condensed into a paste
smothered onto buttered toast
giving life a taste

are kept inside a jar inside the fridge
taken out for soup and salad
but never out to binge

just for celebrations
and wrapped with ribbon fare
not even philosophy deserves
this kind of special care

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Like Pollock Does Art

slathered paint
and fractals
life sucks
process is vital
c noose ember lexicon tomb mold
a buttons splatter jump splinter train
n run shoe match smile

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