A Poem Is Poem by Daniel Y.

A Poem Is

Rating: 4.7

condensed into a paste
smothered onto buttered toast
giving life a taste

are kept inside a jar inside the fridge
taken out for soup and salad
but never out to binge

just for celebrations
and wrapped with ribbon fare
not even philosophy deserves
this kind of special care

Daniel Brick 04 February 2014

My comment just got erased and I have to start over. Don't you hate that! - This is your ARS POETICA, you know, a poem in which the poet gives his view of poetry and usually celebrates the value of poetry. Yours has the conciseness and directness I've found in other poems you've written and you display humor which is never intrusive. In fact, your humor deserves to be called WIT, because it expresses a genuine point quickly and lightly. I must confess I avoid expressing humor in my poems because it comes off as labored and heavy; so I applaud your light touch! I especially like your focus on emotion as the heart of a poem; it reminds me of Wordsworth's wonderful definition of a poem as emotions recollected in tranquility. It's good to step back from the poems you regularly write - poems of memory or feelings or ideas - and present an overview of the value of poetry as you personally see it.

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Adeline Foster 26 February 2014

Ah-so! Parts well consumed. In another vein read mine - A Poem is a Lovely Room - Adeline

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Deepanshi Sabnani 07 March 2014

urs ARS POETICA truly!

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Dr Antony Theodore 24 May 2017

just a wonderful poem. a real meditation on poem and the poets heart. just very original in your thinking. thank you dear poet. tony

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Howard Savage 10 January 2016

I agree with your perception concerning what a poem really is.

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Heather Wilkins 19 September 2014

a poem is many things to many readers nice imagery

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Heather Wilkins 19 September 2014

a poem is many things to many readers nice imagery

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Daniel Brick 14 May 2014

The title alone - A POEM IS - shows that this could be treated as another ARS POETICA by you, which come to think of it, fits your definition of METAPHILOSOPHY - thinking about thinking = poem about poetry. I drew from the first stanza that the emotion embodied in a poem creates a taste paste to enhance the consumption/reading of the poem. Poetry takes center stage in the second stanza (and Plato has been silenced for the duration! !) Poems are leftovers being carefully preserved for celebrations - and (it is written) NOT EVEN PHILOSOPHY DESERVES / THIS KIND OF SPECIAL CARE.

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