Philosophical Poems: 383 / 500

A Philosophical Man

The philosophical man has invisible scars
He doesn't keep his emotions locked inside of jars,
He knows the pain that someone battles and spars
And then unto him they all become ours.

Congratulations for choosing me
Congratulations for using me,
And congratulations for abusing me
I will now go out and buy you a winner's trophy.

Congratulations for broken promises made to me
Congratulations for the pain laid upon me,
And congratulations for all the games played on me
I hope me being betrayed brought you joy and glee.

Congratulations for lying about me
Congratulations for crying to me,
And congratulations for ignoring and denying me
I hope that now you are truly joyful and happy.

Congratulations for stealing from me
Congratulations for not having a loving feeling for me,
And congratulations for not revealing yourself to me
I hope you keep all of your memories.

I'd give you a slap on the back if only I can
I'll still protect you emotionally from any attack if I can,
I will give you a championship plaque if I can
Congratulations, you made me a philosophical man.

Randy L. McClave