A Place Called City Poem by Zotena Moses

A Place Called City

Rating: 5.0

366 days are here
My reap year is here
Yet destiny is far from my reach
How long shall I wait for my change?
How long shall I believe in tomorrow?
How long shall I wake up each morning
With the same old ugly beautiful faces staring
At me in my confusion?
How long shall I pray?

Farming no longer fun to me
Poverty never my desire
My ancestors wait the dawn of a new day
Yet each day is new day
Are some born with shining stars?
Are others born with none?
Am I one of them?
Or born to live like my ancestors
In peasant farming?
In lack did my ancestors live
In lack will my offspring live?

Wars have taking over my land
Disease has taking its permanent sit
Everyone is in search of hope and survival

Let know man console me
Let know man talk me out of my misery
Instead, let a man tell me a fork tare of a place where
The stars shine brightly in the middle of the sun
Tell me a fork tare of a place where rivers flows in the desert

A place of dream fulfilled
A place of opportunity
Tell me of a place called CITY
A place where my ancestors had never been to
A place of literacy
A place far away from my Egypt
The wealthy place

By the deafness of my ancestors was my ear deaf
By the blindness of my ancestors were my eyes blind
By the ignorance of my ancestors was my heart dull
Now, my ears hears
My eyes see
My heart thinks
I see a voice
I hear the voice of the city calling my name
I think the thoughts
The thoughts of a place called "the city"
A place where my star shall shine like the sun
A place where my dreams shall be fulfilled
"The city, my destiny'

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