Falling = Rising Poem by Zotena Moses

Falling = Rising

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If I never fall
I never rise
It is simple but deep
With a soft gentle whisper
She lock my spirit
She got my full attention
Hmmm! Life is a game
Like a black cunning serpent
She suck my strength with her green tongue
My defences were broken
My vows to my watcher were shaking
Oooh! Am in your house
help me my watcher

Stupidity has many companies
Strength has many enemies
Hmmmm! What a world
Who knows if my stomach is feed today
If my Fee's will be paid
If landlord will extend my quite notice

May my judgement be excused for stupidity
May ignorance take my blame
"My son, finally an answer to your long time prayer
Give her a chance
Forever forget your bills"

With a pure heart
Darkness understood my light
A seed grew and over take my light
Where re my fellow dreamers
Where re my fellow seers
Where re my fellow prophets
Are all swallowed too?
If no, consult the watcher
Maybe he will give a sign

Remember my service
Who will notice my absence
even in the spirit
Who will raise a war cry
Is there anything free on earth?

My soul will battle for my spirit
Like fresh water
I will rise to the brim
I will conquer her whisper
and live freely with my watcher again
If I never fall
I never rise..

Falling = Rising
Monday, March 2, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: spirituality
Jazib Kamalvi 25 March 2020

Such a nice poem, Adolphus. Read my poem, Love and L u s t. Thanks.

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Kingsley Egbukole 04 March 2020

" Stupidity has many companies Strength has many enemies" Very deep and interesting statement. beautiful poem.

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