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My generation blessed for her sake
Blessed among noble women
Her womb, the womb of glory
The glory of my pride

Broad is the road
cunning is the movement
unstable the feelings
uncountable the foot prints

Can a man forget his soul and yet live?
Can a man forget his flesh and yet breathe?
How be a man forget His Spirit and yet love?
What a man knoweth not, how can he worship?

Last night I had a dream
If it were a dream I don't no
But in my dream I died
A shadow murdered my pride, my dignity, my strength, my courage

I found me when I lost YOU
A DREAM of my reality you were
I miss you only from my LIPS
I love you to CURE argument

Do we trod the famished road with the single hope of an oasis at the end?

The desert sands shall give no mercy to a man of faith

We don't have to go 360 degree
Now is time we go the 180
You don't have to climb the highest mountain
For all you looking for is withing you

This is written to that preacher of the gospel out there who lives as if he doesn't live. That one out there who is struggling to be heard or recognized. To the early morning town criers, to that man who has become a tenant on the prayer mountain. To you who as said no to the fast track in ministry and decide to wait patiently on God in holiness, truth and spirit. To that one who can't even feed his family right now. Non pay his kids fees. Now is your time. Hold on tight, a new page has just been open. Congratulations...



If I never fall
I never rise

Today I don't want to see you
My soul is tempted with your presence
Your eyes refreshes your memories in my soul
Your words make's me forget the law

Nigeria, our fatherland,

Like I've always read,

366 days are here
My reap year is here
Yet destiny is far from my reach

The band between two adults in true love is like the band between the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, Which can never be broken.

Love, the greatest gift of nature for the matured
The most amazing experience a man can have in his life time

A child is born
A son is giving
Celebration is organized
Celebrate re celebrated

Last night we went to Aunty's house
Then I had a dream
I played a game with a familiar beast


Why am I so emotional
I think I need some self control
I knew it wouldn't work
Deep down it weren't

Last night, like a swift serpent
he came in my room
He was not white nor dark
He was not tall nor short


like a lion in the midst of Hyenas
my heart beat fear
sometimes I am scared
sometimes I am bold as a lion

God, the creator create with a purpose
Maybe mine is keep the street busy
My song makes your heart think of help

How can a child forget his father
And not become fatherless?
Yet the youths whom I father have spit on my

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A Poem For My Mother.

My generation blessed for her sake
Blessed among noble women
Her womb, the womb of glory
The glory of my pride
The pride of my childhood
The childhood of my toddlerhood
The pride of my adulthood
The adulthood of my manhood.

Incomparable, indubitable my Mom's love for me
In reproof she holds me tight in love
In tenderness she teaches me Godliness
Her anger teaches me the part of life
My mom the greatest gift of life
A blossoms Rose in the mountain of beauty.

How can I hate her, when her blood flows in my vein?
And her breath in my nostrils?
How can I be ashamed of her when her love burns in me?
In love she gave me birth
In denier of pleasure
She train me up into a man
With her kneels on the altar she pray me out
My mother's prayers make me shine like the sun
A thousand thanks not enough for my mother.

She's my hope, my aunty, my uncle,
my brother, my sister, my cousin
My nephew, my friend of friends.

The flesh of my flesh
The trait of my existence
Her space no one can occupy
Her voice no one can echo
Her love no one can replace
With my breath, my heart, my all
I love my mother
I love my beautiful friend
I love my play mate
God bless my friend.

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The pen is truly mightier than the sword.

A day is coming when poetry shall take its place again among men.

The true training of a child is with the Africa mother.

A ten minutes talk with a real Africa woman can cure a man's depression.

The Eunuchs of poems re not made. The Eunuchs of poems re born.

Your words reflect what you believe about your future.

Non thing is new in this life yet new discovering are made each day.

Imagine a world without books.. what do you see? hi

The search for lasting beauty gave birth to creation.

You are right if you decides to throw dust in your own eyes, but fear that little child whose future you don't no. He/she might end up becoming your pillar in the nearest future... keep calm let equality and justice start from you and me.

keep your polished grammar to the unborn generation. only the living have a story to tell. the dead have no contribution in the affairs of the living. what we need is equal right and justice.

It is the duty of each man to save and restore humanity to health by waging war on poverty not people. SAVE A CHILD TODAY.

Only the poor understands poverty and it is also the poor that knows how their poverty could be alleviated. A sick man knows where it hurts him.

EQUALITY is the true access to FREEDOM, PEACE and UNITY. When few individuals and families control the POWERS of a group of people and use it only to their benefits, there will never be EQUALITY and if there's no EQUALITY there neither be PEACE nor UNITY above all there will never be FREEDOM. Adolf Moses.

Celebrate every special day of your life with children. The hope of our generation # FEEDTHECHILDREN # FEEDTHEORPHANS # FEEDTHEPOOR # FEEDTHELESSPRIVILEDGE # CLOTHTHEMALL # SHELTERTHEMALL Because they will always live among us.


Every creature has a secret, a darkness he is trying to over come. while some have be successfully conquered by their own beasts. He wears white garments every day doesn't make him perfect. She wears pure customize garments every second doesn't make her perfect. No man is perfect, trust my word you claim to be because your weakness has not be tested by time yet. What we have on earth are men who fight everyday to over come their weakness. # THESECRETOFTHESAINTS

When you see a man struggling for health, job, food, clothes, shelter and his right as a human being and citizen, help that man in whatever way you can. because, neither poverty nor wealth can be fully trusted worthy as everlasting friends. but what you did under these two strong forces may be counted worthy one day...#HELPTHELESSPRIVILEDGE

Let anyone who eat twice a day, spare a mini for someone out there.

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Zotena Moses Popularity

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