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A Poem On Love

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Tell me that love is not a burden
And I will tell you that you have not loved

O, never shall I forsake you, my love
Lay burdens of this folly by your side
For I am blessed with you by God above
As I live, in my heart you shall abide.
No fool am I to give my treasure for
A promise of good oil that might be mud
Or gold that time reveals is really copper
Or flowers that in season never bud.
No fool am I to give my well for drains
That only gives a drink when showers fall
When by merit you don’t depend on rains:
Whenever in need, your love’s wherewithal
Overwhelms my stores with satisfaction.
My love, your heart’s the centre of attraction.

In yesteryear I was a fool you see.
A moth that died on reaching flashing light
I was deceived by the apparent beauty
Of many that within embraced fires’ might,
And not fires that keep warm on coldest nights
But those that destroy homes for many miles;
Nonetheless, I am to be blamed, for to ignite,
The wooden heart was desert dry, the Nile’s
Full measure was not its hand. Beguiled
so easily the fleeting winds brought
The past to present, where they ‘came great piles
Of substance that meant holes were in my heart;
Yes, holes where in my heart, that were not filled
Until you came to me; I was not healed.

But I admit, the road at times is rough
And healing from within is always slow
The eyes don’t help to make it soon enough
That it goes unobserved –the heart does know.
There are days when hands want to scratch scab,
When boredom causes mind to seek amusement;
The consequence of which is always bad,
For to do so is to ignore heart’s contentment
And to forsake heart’s contentment is foolish.
I sometimes find myself to be a fool.
And even if I were a prince such loutish
Behavior makes me no more than a tool
And lesser than the soil that’s walked upon,
Yet when you came within you saw a sun.
One I haven’t seen but believe is true,
For as surely as birds gather together,
On merits of the color of their feathers,
And seas are blue because the skies are blue,
The sun in me comes from the sun in you.
Your lips, like paintbrushes of the ether,
Imprint their light – you’re an amazing kisser-
On me; with each your spirit imbues
Its stars and suns in me till I too shine.
My love without you I’d be lost in darkness:
I would be dark because of wanton greed.
God saved my soul when he made you mine.
His gift of you to me proves his kindness.
Today I’m certain you’re the one I need.
This morning I woke with you on my breath,
You were refreshing, calming – you were good
So I took you with me as salt for food,
And sugar for drink – you made my table set.
Today, I had my fill of you, and yet,
Today, I wanted more of you; you’re good
For me. I fell for you but as I did I stood.
I stand because your love’s a debt
That like my breath, I cannot live without.
But you’re more than my breath, my wife,
You are all that is good in my life.
You’re every smile, you’re every lullaby,
You’re every kiss, you’re all of my bliss.
You are the reason my heart shouts!

They said it would rain on the ‘morrow
They said it would be a thunderstorm
To many it would be a time of sorrow
But sheltered in your love I am calm.
No thunder can mask your heart’s rhythm
No lightning can be as bright as you are
When I doubt, your love keeps me believing
When I’m lost, love takes me to where you are
You are my north star in the dark of night
You are my sun that comes with every day
You are the kind words that banish fright
You are the brightest of all the sun’s rays.
You are the bang that came from up above,
You came and taught my heart to love.

I gave my heart the command to stop
The moment my eyes become wayward
Or ears begin to hear only words dropped
In times of anger or when you feel ignored.
I will not cling to the seeds of discord.
I will not water them to make them grow
Into weeds that compete by growing toward
Light set for fruits the God of love bestowed.
I will uproot the weeds that climb my feet
I will cut every tree whose fruit
Your tongue does not consider sweet.
As one, a lie to you can’t be a truth
To me,

Incomplete, but that's where it ends. Our relationship ended as it was long distance and she found someone else. God bless her.

This poem reflects my feelings on love. Love is a challenge, but it should be fought for!
Leslie Alexis

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