Your Choice Poem by Leslie Alexis

Your Choice

Rating: 4.7

The howling wind that has no life,
Seeks my own with both blood and knife;
But in my God I will stand strong,
And if It think it’d win, it's dead wrong.

Woe unto thee, who like Lady Macbeth,
Would bash the heads of gentle babes;
Whose tongue seed discord amongst men,
You would end and your works go to naught.
You are but witches of the night’s wind,
Who seekst good thanes to betray the King;
Then when he’s fallen ye watch and sing;
In chants, and songs deserving of great scorn.

The blood of your hand shall be made flames,
And upon your body great worms shall feast,
As you watch your flesh wane, and bones grow.
The cords of your wilted heart shall hang strong.
And for all the day and night you would not die,
You would look with parched tongues to the sky
With eyes of the babes whose head you crushed;
But the Lord shall look and say ‘I know you not.’

And unto thee Heaven was given in prime
But you choose instead rubies, and gold, Dirt,
Kingdoms, riches and the pleasures of the earth,
But even diamonds won’t stand the fires of hell;
And tried gold would simmer like molasses.
But in it your bones would stand their ground
They, and the worms that feast upon you.
This shall be the faith of all who neglect the Lord;
Who drew his son’s blood to quench the flames,
For all they that earnestly call upon his name;
Such are the elect, who shall sit with him in Paradise.

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

Rehana Nazli 19 September 2009

Very strong lashing out Les. Is there anymore left to scorn her? Poem is written beautifully though.

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Yes, this must be read by a famous actor (maybe you Leslie) and I am sure it would impress all those who hear it. Strong and emotive and I am in awe of of your powerful words! 10 Karin

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 19 September 2009

Very powerful and expressive poem, Leslie. Contents are rich and knowledge oriented. The last stanza is more precious than diamonds. But it's one's own choice, as you said........10/10.

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Carl Harris 19 September 2009

Well, you are right, it is a different poem for you, Leslie. It was indeed powerful and if you'll forgive me, it sounded more like a sermon than a poem. Carl.

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C. P. Sharma 19 September 2009

A forceful awe inspiring plea. CP

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Bernard Snyder 31 July 2015

Nice poem Alexei! Great read to start my day! Thank you!

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Edward Kofi Louis 31 July 2015

The blood of your hand is part of the wickedness of mankind. Nice work

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 08 April 2010

‘…But the Lord shall look and say ‘I know you not.’…’ Sir is god not Omnimerciful? Doesn’t He know our limitation…even if we choose Dirt? Is He not our Father…should He us to teach thro’ sufferings and punishment… ‘…upon your body great worms shall feast, .. I trust in that God…Who will lead me from Darkness to Light not thro’ suffering but by mercy … Ms. Nivedita UK

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Dragon Wizard 16 October 2009

An extraordinary literary piece! Profound and very Spiritual, Quite beautiful indeed! You leave me speechless! My humble 10 for you, dear friend! Dragon Wizard

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Eyan Desir 29 September 2009

The wrath of hell Or the sweetest beauty ever seen Still life is so complex We are just weak vessels Who believe we are strong 10s

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