A Poet's Mind To You Poem by Edward Kofi Louis

A Poet's Mind To You

The drinking of wine and the eating of meat,
Your red stew is sweet and your lovely meat is tasty;
But incline your ear to me and come to me,
For i am like the spider with a poet's mind to you.
The mystery name of Saturn is like a message to you,
For the watchmen upon the walls of love are all asleep;
So wake up my love and live now with the truth around you.
The heavens are higher than the earth and like,
A poet's mind to you at this side of the river;
But wake up and be aware of the things around you,
And like my thoughts and my mind towards you!
Why do you labour for that which will not satisfy you?
Oh dyed garments of Bozrah! !
For the healing prophetess is at hand;
And i will see you when the rain comes in.
Swell with joy and hope for your dreams,
For all the trees will clap their hands when you succeed!
But the pagan symbols through the deep are about to stop you,
And like the intiation rites for a chief in your homeland.
This is a poet's mind to you,
But Herod's birthday brought the head of john on a plate;
And my ways and thoughts will surely wake you up one day.
You are upon a lofty and a high mountain without a clue,
And as a young man marries a virgin girl;
But like Pharaoh's birthday with a dream,
The rain came down like the snow in the winter time.
Why should you spend money on what which is not bread?
And like the lightening which is accompanied by the rain;
For your red stew is very sweet and your meat is very tasty,
But the watchmen upon the walls of love are all asleep.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: imagery,writing
Edward Kofi Louis 30 November 2019

'Why should you spend money on what which is not bread? " Writing, Imagery. Thanks for your comment on my poem.

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