A Prayer? ! Poem by Chantelle Nixon

A Prayer? !

How could you do this?
What have I done
To deserve so much pain?
Why did you take away
My happiness?
It seemed I was walking along
And you pointed to me
And that day was the
Beginning of the end
I sit and wonder
If you control everything
Then it must be you
That tells it to rain so heavy
That tells the wind to blow so hard
That tells all my tears to fall
And broken hearts, let me tell you
You just keep ‘em coming down
Haven’t I cried enough?
Haven’t I hurt enough?
Why bring this man through
The walls that I built up so high?
I was alone for so long
And when the ice finally melted
You lead me to the arms of
A man that I cannot have
Have I thanked you for that yet?
Unbelievable anger and bitterness
Saturates my words as well as
My heart and soul
You give me this tainted love
And take away so many others
His mother was his rock
My cousins did not deserve suffering
And Azul...
I miss her so much
And you took her away with so much pain
I sit here, holding grudges
Trying and failing to
Stop my constant, constant tears
You, instead of helping me,
Send me bad dreams
Temptations at every corner
And death everlasting
I don’t know what will happen tomorrow
But I know it will hurt
What do you want from me?
What do you want me to do?
What lesson do I have to learn?
When will my suffering stop?
These will be my last questions
I’m done asking questions
Just leave me alone
Stop it, make it all stop

Chocolate Bunny 07 November 2008

I really think I understand this one the most. Sometimes life is unfair. the things we want and need aren't always the things we get. Sometimes we get the very thing we never wanted. And when that happens we blame God. We hurt and we figure it must be his fault. 'Someone out there must hate me, ' we'd say. But the truth of the matter is that with life comes hurt and pain. Also joy and happiness. The reason we feel like all we have is pain in our lives is because hurt and pain are the most memorable. losing something, sacrificing are the things in life that teach us sometimes more than we want to know. It's hard and the thing is life is only just begining. I get it that your angry and hurt. Anytime you want to talk about this I'm here.

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