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I don't want to be number two
Just to get next to you
I don't want to have to be on TV
Just for you to notice me

I believed you, every word you said
I believed, how stupid I must have been
Didn't my mother tell me that guys always lie
I didn't want to believe it, especially looking into your eyes

I dedicate this poem to my sister. who I love so much.

My Dear Sister

Rain falling from the sky pouring over me
The tears from my eyes pouring over me
The blood from my wound pouring over me
The fear in my heart pouring over me

I wanted to ask you to be with me
but you play to many games
made me feel like I was a fool
Like I was the one to blame

I sit in my room
Waiting to hear that phone call
the one I've been waiting for
the one you promised to make to me

I’ve done my best
I believe
And the best that can be done
But in your eyes

Could we find a day in this
cruel world
Where happiness was always in
the air

I turned away for just a second
and you changed your mind
you said you'd be here always
But you decide to leave me now

I can't believe I spent my time wishing, hoping that you would see
all the things you've done wrong and not only to me
what you do is so wrong and you don't seem to mind
You pretend and you play and manipulate time after time

Basically it's just like before
I walk on through the door
I pretend and so do you
That your words to me are true

Sometimes I wish that I didn't feel like this
that my heart didn't control me the way it does
that everytime i saw your face I didn't smile
That your very laugh didn't warm my heart

In the darkness so far from your sight
I ran away trying to escape the night
It made no sense where could I run
The only thing that I could do was wait for the sun

I lost everything, and everyone
Time ceased to make sense to me
It was like living was a task
No longer a joyful experience

You are my friend, one of the few I count on in this world
You've been there for me when no one else cared
I remember when we use to talk about everything
and suddenly one day you closed yourself off to me

I remember walking those halls
Full of adolesence and uncertainty
I watched my friends choices and i made my own
We went through challenges we all needed to face

Chocolate Bunny Biography

I'm just an average teenage girl who enjoys to write. I love to express myself through writing. Mainly becasue in regular conversation I feel I have to censor, and edit myself before I say anything. Of course my real name isn't chocolate bunny it's just a name i picked wanting to be creative and different. It's also a name that reflects my less than serious side. But don't get me wrong there are a lot of things I take seriously. My friends, family, my belief in God. And especially my writing. It's the one thing I do that's all mine, but as you can see I do like to share. '09')

The Best Poem Of Chocolate Bunny

For The Guy Beside Me

I don't want to be number two
Just to get next to you
I don't want to have to be on TV
Just for you to notice me
I don't need all the money in the world
to become your girl
I just want to chill and waste time
letting all things unimportant pass me by
I don't care what others say
Only your thoughts get me through the day
But I do wish you'd give me your heart
I can promise you that we'll never be apart
So for the guy sitting next to me
It's up to you, what's it going to be?

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**Pirate** Love*~Magic~Man 25 October 2008

Bunny is sweeter than choclate.....

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