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I entertained the heart of possibilities
I danced in the arms of hope
I kissed the lips of desire
I stood firm against repeated mistakes

An Ode to Mother
From the womb I have descended in brilliance
Your teachings are engraved in my soul and crowned by my heart
The knowledge gained from your wisdom will guide me along life’s road

The greatest of these is love
It is able to kindle the bitterness captured within the soul
Easing the pain within ones heart
It is the warm hug shared between a mother and her child

Acknowledging the Present

Often times we do not realize just how valuable time really is
We take it for granted

Chosen Vessel

Why misery loves company
She sits and she waits
Waits for any opportunity to make her presence known
With no hesitation

The pieces to the puzzle
Sometime I am too exhausted to even fix my eyes to the pieces that lie in front of me
I see so called friends yet they’re not worthy of my company
Circumstances stare in my face sensing my nervousness

Blind folds
For as long as I can remember
Writing has always been my sure defense
Through these words I am able to reveal a sense of confidence

I mixed up the concept of love for what seems like centuries
For what now seems like hopeless memories
I am now greeted by tauting ephipanies
Piercing my soul like daggers

Nothing is hidden
Like little children
We play hide and seek
But what can they possible hide from?

Sep 7th

The essence of hurt rains on the depths of my being

The innocence of a child
Nothing can compare
Her eyes twinkle like the depths of the constellations
It kindles the sadness in my soul

If I stay away too long from you, I’ll lose you
If I lose you this time, I won't know how to apologize
So many broken promises, I shamefully admit
If I keep moving away you’ll think I don't accept you

He's been every definition of what LOVE is
My eyes water as I write and read this
I've spent atleast 15 years of my life confused about love
I've waded in pools full of lust filled thoughts and deceptive day dreams causing a strong physical pull followed by short lived escapades

The tears settle into her cheeks
Her heart tears as she realizes that the high has now fades
Along with passion filled nights followed by sweet daydreams
The craving that once got her through the day has revealed it's poison


She's weighted by their insecurities
Lack of responsibility
Failure to kiss the lips of accountability
Or ability to see the importance of consideration and understanding

There upon the milk white walls hangs a picture composition vibrant yet discrete
The viewer stared deep into her ebony eyes
On one portion of the murrow showed nights a terror, unhealed wounds, broken promises
Reflections of persistence, loyalty, strength and acceptance

There was a time, when joy and laughter danced in our house
When peace cradled us closely
There was a time
When you gazed at me with hope and admiration

Wrestling in my slumber
Because I simply just " don't want ta"
Even though the world's thirst increases
You say " give them some wata"

My charms shine beyond the flicker of a diamond
They adorn my spirit
It brings a Kindle to my heart
I pray I never take this blessing for granted

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Out of the womb of opression God brought forth a humble striving spirit. writting has been my outlet for many years now. It is what he was implanted in my soul poetry is truely apart of who I am. Enjoy the gift he's shared with me.)

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A Chase In Vain

I entertained the heart of possibilities
I danced in the arms of hope
I kissed the lips of desire
I stood firm against repeated mistakes
I drew the line at compromising my expectations
I refrained from damaging the stones we placed
Instead I walked through what looked like a door of opportunity
Despite the odds
I cradled my daydreams
As I fell
not too much like before
I held on to my dignity vigorously
Promising never to once more be stripped clean
Despite all my precautions
Despite my good intentions
The hopelessly painful novel continues
and one again
the jokes on me

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Don't let the ignorance of the world change the shape of your soul

I will wrap myself in threads of mystery I will hold onto her virtues well Awaiting the presence of inquisitive minds

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Shannon Wade Popularity

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