A Prayer Poem by Amy Levy

A Prayer

Rating: 2.8

Since that I may not have
Love on this side the grave,
Let me imagine Love.
Since not mine is the bliss
Of 'claspt hands and lips that kiss,'
Let me in dreams it prove.
What tho' as the years roll
No soul shall melt to my soul,
Let me conceive such thing;
Tho' never shall entwine
Loving arms around mine
Let dreams caresses bring.
To live--it is my doom--
Lonely as in a tomb,
This cross on me was laid;
My God, I know not why;
Here in the dark I lie,
Lonely, yet not afraid.
It has seemed good to Thee
Still to withhold the key
Which opes the way to men;
I am shut in alone,
I make not any moan,
Thy ways are past my ken.
Yet grant me this, to find
The sweetness in my mind
Which I must still forego;
Great God which art above,
Grant me to image Love,--
The bliss without the woe.

Sylvia Frances Chan 02 May 2017

A Prayer poem. Honest, humble and yet powerfully worded this Prayer poem. After such a bad marriage, it is indeed time to resurrect the self with the help of God through parying. Again this poem touch me to my being and though saddest if a marriage failed, but here is present in this poem, the tone of the poetess who never gave up. A poem with much power. Thank you for sharing this amazing prayer. God's Blessings in Abundance, Sylvia FC Ev.

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John S 14 December 2014

Wow, what an extremely sad and extremely well-written poem. Forget Sylvia Path, this should be the goth crowd's poet. I have great bouts of interminable melancholy. I relate to this poem. Why was it rated a 5.8. What does a poem have to be happy to get a high score? Although depressing, this was as beautifully crafted as the more popular Romantics.

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