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A Pretty Desert Has Pretty Ships

Although there are not any seas in the deserts, but There are pretty ships amid them greatly and beautifully Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, Only there are a lot grains of sands, green grass, some rocks, Fossils,....,......,....., and There are a lot of ships visible among all things over there, It's a different ship that crosses easily and greatly Into the heart of the impossible simply because It can do easily what a normal ship can not do, This powerful ship is the pretty camel itself In very hard circumstances, This hard life is, but A life that shows itself as a passage into another world of Invading the impossible, A camel is the pretty ship that never kneels down to hard life and It can be a pretty survivor among all sand storms and great dunes, This pretty ship is the desert's ship that resists all hard times, A camel can resist thirst even in very hard times, so Its big belly is a great tank that remains for months, It crosses easily into the heart of any desert or any Sahara just To prove its great power among all other things, Its walking is different, Its eye sights are pretty, Its munching of foods is pretty, and Everything in it is great and wonderful, We admire it and we fond of it Just to make it to call it the desert's king in addition to be The desert's ship, then It is loved by us to be or not to be.

Thursday, July 3, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: animals