Lyudmila Purgina

Freshman - 678 Points (Russian Federation)

A.Pushkin, To Coquette - Translation (Rus.) - Poem by Lyudmila Purgina

And you believed me, ain't you,
As the ingenuous Anyesa?
What novel can tell and true,
How playboy had died, etcetera?
Please hear: you are thirty years,
Yes, thirty years old - more,
I am also much more then twenty;
I've seen society for long.
I've circled there much, the oaths
And tears don't bother me;
I'm tired all with tricks and jokes;
From your side the betrayal's fee
May cause sometimes the weariness great;
Becoming older, grown cold,
That's unimportant to learn again;
We know - the eternal love
Lasts only one - three weeks although;
Af first we were the friends,
But with a boredom we'd faced,
With a case, and with a jealous husband...
Then I pretended to be mad,
You acted diffident,
We'd sworn... but then... alas! ...
We had forgotten our oath;
You falled in love with Kleon far,
Natasha - was my sweetheart, so
We had departed; hitherto
All were such decent, good in manners,
Without any quarrels could
We live together, easy-tempered;
But, what's today! In this good morn
You has, as in the tragic heat,
Revived the antique times of old
And you again trying to preach
The love of old knights, deceased,
The courtesy, the jealousy and grief.
And pardon me,
I'm not a baby, I'm a poet.
When we are turning to decline,
We should avoid the passions young -
Let leave that for your older daughter,
I'll leave this to my younger brother.
They are allowed yet to trick
With their life and burst in tears;
Still they can love, but not so we...
It's time for us to like intrigue...

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 21, 2012

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