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S.Yesenin, A Letter To Woman - Translation (Rus.) - Poem by Lyudmila Purgina

By Sergei Yesenin

Thee'd recollect,
Thee'd recollect this surely,
How I did stay near the wall and see
Thee, walking round the room and during this,
Overexcited, threw the words.
Thee said,
That there's the time to parting,
That thee'd become exhausted with my life,
That there's the time for thee to go farther,
And my lot then was rolling downside.

Oh, my beloved!
Thee did not love me, either,
Thee did not know, that in th' people's throng
I was like a tired horse in soap,
Which was spured by a corageous
rider forth.
Thee did not know, that in solid haze,
In the stirred up mode of my usual life
I'm tormented by the try to catch,
Where the fate is carrying me by!

Being face to face,
You couln't see the face!
The whole is seen, but only from distance.
When the sea plain before you quakes,
Then your ship's surely in bad condition.

The Earth's a ship!
But somebody at once
Had turned it stately, straightly through wood thickets
To new aim, new success, triumph,
To new life, filled with storms and blizzards.
Well, who from us can on this vastest deck
Escape from fall, from vomit and from swearing?
That matters're few in the experienced soul,
They are too little to have force in waving.

That time and I was worth to bear
The wild noise,
And worth to working hardly, though
I've descended to the ship's hold,
In order not to look on the people's vomit.
That hold was -
The russian 'kabakh'. There
I've bent over the muddy glass
In order not for someone suffering,
In order ruin myself
As a total drunkard.

Oh, my beloved!
I've tormented thee.
Thee had a melancholy
In thy tired eyes,
Because of me, who spent his being
In the abusing and in fighting.

But thee were unaware of the thing,
That in my crashed by storm the everyday scene,
I'm seeking answer on the question mere:
Where the fate is carrying me? ...
Today the years passed.
I'm in the other age.
And I do feel and think the other way.
And I praise now at the holiday table:
Long live the helmsman! Glory! Hey!

Today I'm in mood of feelings.
I have remembered thy'd been so tired...
And I'd like to rush to thee with message,
How I'd been,
In what I'd turned to now!

Oh, my beloved!
I'm glad to say thee, that
I did avoid the fall from slope.
And after Soviet Union's great land
I'm today the furious follower.
I've got the other living state,
And shouldn't torture thee in case.
After the banner of the freedom date
I'm ready going to La-Manche.

Oh, please, forgive me...
I do know thee
Are not the same...
Thee have the husband serious,
And thee've no need of our play...
And I'm also of no any need...

Let thee live as thee like,
As thy star shining high above.

In thy refreshed and cosy dwelling.
With welcome words and always Thine
Familar to Thee
S e r g e i Y e s e n i n.

- -
The poem is devoted to Woman from the first letter,
so I used Thee in attempt to reflect You, which is 'Vy'
in russian. In english at some time the difference
between you and You (thou and You) was lost, and this is
the difficulty in translation from russian 'ty' and 'Vy'.

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