A Report Poem by Mohammad Mohi Uddin

A Report

Forgetting mostly pathways,
The believers of Socialism are as anxious as the huntsman-
Against the Holy Words of Heaven,
Concerning the one and only duty.

Some people like hog, and release locusts are like
The flow of broken embankment throughout the fields of the peasant;
Yet the total spleen of revolutionaries to the Sky.

Godly people ambush them to mingle them with dust
The way ointment is consumed on the organisms.

It is not metaphysic, Ideologists believe; both of them are severe barriers to each other's path.
Although both of them are committed-
To unravel the distance of jolty; ultimately.

From the School's Alphabet to the Holy Verses of the Prayer Hall,
Homely wife of farmer to affectionate mother's interior,
Darkish hydrolysis of daysman to painty production,
Starting grassy fort to a dazzling metropolis,
Courtyard to the Council of Ministers,
Imagination to reality -
Indecent Capitalism massages emollient,
Filling all the sides of Holes.

Their inhuman values diffuse around the ten directions as Sunrise.

With decaying power in the war of nerves-
Both believer parties move away from the stage.
Meanwhile, on the stage-
Infidel, opportunist Capitalism kindles in the festival.

Thursday, August 6, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: community
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