A Prayer For My Son Poem by Mohammad Mohi Uddin

A Prayer For My Son

I realize - without identifying the source of water and glacis, my son will raise mundane songs of love,
Uprooting the root, he'll blow up the fleeting flag on the deceitful path.

I realize - leaving the soundtrack of modesty,
My son will play the drum of slander,
Crossing the hamlets - passing through the grassland, he'll build the home of cognition with an undressed book.

I realize - my son, forgetting his identity, will step in on the nameless pathway with joy,
Being a fellow of shadow, he'll fracture the compact umbilical cord like a piece of ancient rock.

I realize - without searching for purity in forgiveness, my son will place the conciliation of life in a sting,
Being not mournful in the weep of green, cloud, or infant, he'll burn them stalks of sense with blood and flame.

O God, you bestow grassland into his juvenility,
Fulfill with endless love in the blue of his sight,
Place detailed cogitation inside of the scalp,
Pour the billowy stream into sigh,
Lay down eternal future in his vision,
Allow the flammable strength of oyster in his spirit,
Bring off needful grains in a palm,
Teach him - cession, invitation, forgiveness, lamentation,
Educate him - shame, remembrance, accost, perpetual thirst.

Horrifying dark is getting down in the vortex of time!
I'm leaving radical poesy in favor of him;
Nonetheless - can't overcome the fright,
Therefore, Oh my God, I devoted my prayer to you.

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