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Update: Kia Orana

My Name is Kaila George, I am a 51 year old mother with one son, poetry is my passion, and recently so is teaching...I have been absent from this site for a while and just like to say I will try my best to keep abreast with anyone that would like to comment or rate there poems as best I can...I have two other sites I frequently ...

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Can He Really See What I See

The night sky shone of glittering stars
as she gazed upon the splendor
and wondered does my true love
See the same stars I see

Last Goodbyes

The hand of time
Held my tears in check
As I remembered the day
We received news of my brother’s death…so many years ago….

Live In Peace And Harmony

I once was asked
Is there peace
In this world

Human Nature

Why dose human nature
make life a misery
Never really knowing
the paths you chose to lead

Growing Pains

I was a child
Beguiled and fresh
Of innocents and new
Who played like many

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24 August 2015

Humanity's epoch lives in dreams evermore

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(De Va) 02 November 2011

hugs youi dear Sister of My Soul.....love you so very much....

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dsfsvsvds 27 January 2020

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Khaley 10 May 2019

I love it it cool

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Kumarmani Mahakul 18 March 2019

On behalf of all fellow all poets, PH family and our Mahakul family, we offer a title of honour to poetess Kaila George born on 20 October 1962 in Auckland, New Zealand as, 'Astral Ecstasy.' This title is offered to her due to her long time perseverance and valuable contribution to the world literature. From today onward she will be known as Astral Ecstasy Kaila George. We hope, all poets, visitors and people will like this.

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Dr. Emmanuel Moore Abolo 02 January 2014

Your The Real Me is fantastic. I love it. Keep it up Dr Emmanuel

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Kevin Patrick 04 August 2012

Kaila George is one of those rare people whose love and compassion for all humanity make you feel that there is hope for our race. Her work is filled with hope, triumphant spirit and tenacity. Reading her work is always pleasant experience, and makes me proud to see the beauty of humanity

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