Archana Rose

A Shell Of Love

An Embodiment from the ocean of love,
This beauty came sweeping across my beautiful yet calm shore,
I am blessed to have it anchored in my golden sands,
A wonderful object that tuned my stretched shore to unexplored bands
Deep under the marine blue,
That’s where this beautiful shell was created to be true,
True to ones who own it on their shores,
With magical curves that sparkle with the magical touch,
Of He who had created it with so much art and swept using a splendid brush
I am grateful that it found its way to my deserted shores.
I had been anticipating from the ocean blue,
Whose breeze had nourished my barren lands,
A gift that I can treasure among my golden sands,
And guess what arrived on my sands today,
A treasure with which I may never part,
It coils around like an endless snake and has a message that I would like to impart
Each curve symbolises the unknown depth,
That beholds in the ocean floor,
And now that the gifted shell has arrived at my door,
Let us unwound to that unexplored depth,
That may stretch to fathoms untold,
Let the musical symphony resonate with the melody of the universe,
Shh.... listen to what the shell has to say,
After all it has travelled a long way to reach my bay,
So give it a chance to explore into our lives,
And provide a soothing rhythm during our troubles and strifes,
“So my friend now i place my trust in you,
Listen to my heart and I will speak for you,
I was send to spread this message that i bring along,
To care for others and make every life a beautiful song,
I have been existing from time immemorial,
From the times of grief to the times of laurels,
I am always there, awaiting to be explored,
But i play the same tune,
Strange it may seem, but every being finds it refresh anew,
I bring along a feeling that has no bounds,
I speak a language that every one understands,
Yes my friends i come with the message of love,
Delve into me and explore my heights,
I promise you that you will rise in all strides of life,
And have me along during all times of stifle and strife,
So keep me with you till the time unwinds,
You are mortal, all this i know,
But believe me, this immortal message moves on and on,
Even beyond death to the world unexplored”
So here is the message crystal clear,
So what are we waiting for, lets move on without fear,
I had anticipated that this would be the message,
From the All-knowing and glorious Saint,
And I am thankful for He send,
A wonderful treasure that i may keep anchored on my shores till my end........

Poem Submitted: Monday, December 15, 2008

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