Archana Rose

College Life In The Computers Eyes

For year =2005 till year =2009,
I am declared as an identifier with a constant value AM105CS008 that would be statically mine.
Hence from the main begins the execution of a simple program called college life,
Hopefully the return from main would be an executable file,
which I can store in my PROM memory permanently without the fear of being volatile.
But I know that I wouldn’t be able to recompile the errors made along the lines,
Its fine as far as I don’t ignore the comments passed along and don’t confuse with the signs.
Lexical and semantic and syntax errors do arise,
But the best part is taking analytical decisions which would at the time seem wise.
Let me pass you through the loop of a routine operating day,
It is a boring method to which we identifiers are passed, is what without exception most of us would say.
When the timer displays 6: 00 I get a system call,
My system reboots and checks if all my components are alright, both big and small.
My optical scanner detects the rays on the retinal focus,
This is going to be a day where I would be involved in a lot of bogus.
By 7: 00, my system obtains resources that prevent it from deadlocks and starvation,
And soon after that, I am prepared to perform pings and a lot of animation.
The domain names of my network friends are retrieved from the DNS integrated in my processor,
And off I am to college to ping them and engage in direct transactions with my professors.
At 8: 30, the systems that have arrived participate in a common message transfer to the server named LORD,
It’s a transactional process in which we send the streams of data in packets of bits and word.
Soon after that the professors log in and following the direct addressing mode the classes commence,
The timer is now programmed so that the cache resets every 10 seconds.
The class hours are scheduled on the basis of Round Robin Scheduling,
A priority based one would have done better but we prefer the Current object modelling.
Most of the systems migrate to sleep or hibernation or stand-by mode,
And they don’t receive signals into their pipelines that would instruct them to behave as they are told.
The classes have a lot of subnets engaged in packet communication,
There are printed papers labelled chits passed around with bits of information.
The chits are delivered employing the shortest path Depth First search Method,
Or to address a bulk of systems, we employ Daisy Chain or Breadth First search Method.
Many of the other systems are interlocked in message passing addressing mode,
For this they seek the help of the telecommunication device mobile they posses in silence mode.
This continues on till the timer displays 12: 00, a blessed priority instance.
That’s when the systems again rush to avoid deadlock and starvation.
The resources are in plenty and we sort ourselves into a linked list or queue formation.
So forth moves our system clock, and the display now blinks 2: 00 in the noon,
This is the time when we pass ourselves into switch case and once again determine our goto mode soon.
During the lab hours we are engaged with the Systems in real time communication,
And those are the times when an input command typed would result in garbage value generation.
When the timer progresses to 4: 00, our systems heat sinks are worn out and reach their breakpoint,
And we return to our hostel addresses and using cooling oils, our processor protection cases we anoint.
Here I bring you to the exit condition of the routine procedural methodological loop,
Hope you are quite acquainted to the method calls and goto labels through which the college students hoop.
Thus we come to the final state of our automata- the system shut down mode,
But then tomorrow morning the journey continues without having to be retold.
Exam is the only time when the contents in the system files are compared using the comp command,
And a critical time when the answer keys and our answers undergo worst case operations such as NAND.
As the semesters progress we undergo normalisation -1 NF,2NF and so on till the fifth normal form, the final accomplishment,
Since then, placements occur and we would be mapped to various other bigger networks where we would be provided with salary acknowledgement.
Finally at the end of the four years, various run-time objects would be moulded from the various classes they have derived,
A lot of operations would have to be overloaded into a single system and they would be linked and loaded to various locations of the World’s drives.
An encapsulation of their functions and their characteristic attributes would then arise,
And this indeed goes without mention that the college life would hereafter be a long cherished precious prize.....

Poem Submitted: Monday, December 15, 2008

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