Lyrael Myrna

Rookie (14 June 1989 Please Comment :) / Ballarat, Australia :))

A Sick Man - Poem by Lyrael Myrna

A sick man deprived of Love, alone
Steals the love that others own
He wants, He needs, He Thirsts, He taunts
Till love is just a thing that’s earned
He doesn’t know how to love anymore
Even what love is- he now ignores
Belief in such that love begins by
Receiving one small kiss
Is this love? Is it bliss?
Blinded by the longing felt
He loses his mind slowly dealt
Till his soul remains an empty vault
Sealed forever by an angry cult
Thirsting lips reach out to kiss,
The other knows not what to make of this
The boundary is crossed way too far
The “lover” pushes her into a world so bizarre
She can not speak, she can only feel
Still wishing this wasn’t real
She can not move from this vault of steel
Remaining there making her ordeal
His crazed eyes lay upon her, mute
She’ll love him still without dispute
She screams out to let others know
She is there, hurt, not alone
With fatal blade he presses deep into her
She silences, his love so pure
He runs away without a glance
He knows fate doesn’t have a second chance
He drops the knife as if it was ice, so cold
And rushes over and puts her in his hold
Her breathless body, her pale stark face
Life no longer remains a trace

A sick man deprived of love alone
Realizes love can not be owned
But his heart is torn more than mortal man can stand
His dark, weak body
Almost torn from real land
“Is this what my life was meant to be? ?
I am sicker and lonelier than that isolated tree! ! ”
His heart couldn’t tell him where to go
But his conscience told him what he must know
“End it all, destroy your pain! Live the life no longer in vain! ”
Left crying in the snow
he took himself till fallen dead buried in red glow
He woke up in unfamiliar arms-
“They’re calling to take me away! ”
Yet this woman was weeping,
Emotion seeping onto the sores
She was carefully treating
He felt a rush of happiness
That was destroyed by the sight
Of himself lying in the white-red snow
Now a darkened, humbled glow
This sick man deprived of love, not owned
Knows now that he was never alone.

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