A Singer Of Rama! (Rama Poetry) Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

A Singer Of Rama! (Rama Poetry)

A Singer of Rama! (Rama Poetry)

O Singer of Rama! is actually a part of Rama poetry which I have been writing off and on or intermittently from time to time and the topic interests me too as herein lies it the pathos, pity and pain of life expressed differently. What is this life, what is world if made of pain? What one expects and what one gets? What is it in whose lot and destiny? The rest is for you to feel and critique if say I everything, what will you critique it?
How many of us know it Rama? Where is he Rama? Rama is in heart, is in soul. One should have the quest, the spiritual quest to search him. The feeling and emotion of lost love also give a colouring to it imparting a symbolical and mystical meaning. It is true that nothing can happen without the wish of his, but sometimes doubt and skepticism add to disbelief.
But the pity is in it even the Almighty came to naught. Had he helped in the times of grim crisis, it would have been different. God helps those who help themselves, isn't it? Man's destiny man knows it well. Who can alter his fate and destiny? None can. What it is the writ of destiny, it will happen. Everything lies it unknown. There is none to help. Man is alone, alone on the path of life. Instead of this dark desolate, let us be doing; let us go hearing the songs of Rama sung by the distraught and disheveled ragged man. Even the Lord could not take pity upon the poor singer! Even the Lord could not own singer! O singer, go on singing, singing the song of life! Life is but the name of some pain thrust upon; you have to bear all that, all that, singer, singer of heart! Wait, wait, O singer, I too, too shall go, go to where you have gone, gone! I do not feel it well in being here after having lost your company as it maligns the self all the time with the memories and remembrances of your own. Having not
known Rama, how can I that I know it Rama, having not known Krishna, how can I know it Krishna? Behe a pundit of Rama and Krishna, but Rama and Krishna not so easy to comprehend. Rama is in the good heart, Krishna not to be externally, search you within and you will, as many people know it not Rama and Krishna, but go on lecturing. Rama is in good deeds and thinking. Rama is in good actions that you do. Krishna is not in kirtanas, but in good actions too. Just think you where can Krishna be, where may Rama be and they are where there is the love of heart, love of soul. Charity begins at home is the thing of reckoning taking for granted the anti-thesis man proposes and God disposes. Take it for too, God is not always by your side. God is in blasphemy and existentialism, skepticism. Sometimes God needs to be abused for the pain he inflicts upon.
Somewhere they have seen collectively just as faces scrambling upon, but the singer is one, his image may be otherwise, the tone and setting of the poem remains the same as has written against the backdrop of some mystical and symbolical set-up.
- - Bkd


O Singer of Rama!

O Singer of Rama,
What song of Rama
You singing in the dark
Far from!

They too sing,
Sing the songs
Of Rama
Who are destitute
And devastated in life!

O Singer,
Singer singing,
Singing in the dark
The song,
Song of Rama!

So soulfully,
So heartfully
Sometimes with tears
Into the eyes,
Sometimes so delightfully?

Tell me,
Tell me,
Who you are,
Who you are,
O Strange, Strange Singer
Of Rama,


O, Singer of Rama! Singer of Rama, Go You Not Away!
O, singer,
Singer of Rama,
Before you go away,
Sing, sing the song
Before you go, go away
Sing, sing you the song,
Song of your Rama,
O, singer,
Singer of heart
Sing, sing you
Before you go away
Making me hear, hear it!

O, singer,
Singer of Rama,
Your song I knew it not,
Heard it not,
Came it not to feel
That you,
You too a singer,
A singer of Rama,
A strange but silent singer,
Singer of Rama!

I do not know
Who you are,
What it your identity,
What my connection,
Connection with you,
What my relationship,
Relationship with you
As you come it near not,
Sing, sing you from far,
From far
But appear to be,
To be my own!

As I can see,
See the tears,
Tears trickling,
Trickling down the cheeks,
Teardrops falling,
Falling through
And you,
You lost,
Lost in singing,
Singing the songs the of Rama,
All but silently,
But so melodiously.

As introduce, introduce you not,
Who, who you are,
What, what your identity
Just from far,
From far
Keep you,
Keep you singing,
Singing the song,
The song of Rama
With so much of zest,
So much tearfully,
O, my love,
My heartbroken love
So much forlorn and forsaken!


Strange Singers of Rama

Strange singers of Rama
Were they
Singing the songs of Rama
So soulfully

Those distraught and devastated singers,
Singers of Rama
In their life!

Strange, Strange Singers Were They Strange

Strange singers of Rama
Were they singing
Singing so soulfully,
The songs,
Songs of Rama
So forlorn and forsaken
In their life!

Tears had been,
Had been in their eyes
Welling up
And trickling down the cheeks
And they breaking down sometimes
And holding in check
And continuing
Which but saw I from far
So tearfully
Which but I cannot say
Who they were,
What their identity!

Someone's memory lingered,
Lingered it in them
This much
I can,
I can say.

I Heard Them And Came To Feel it

Rama, you did not know,
Krishna, you did not know,
Just you went on telling about,

You said,
Said it assertively
That you knew, knew it Rama,
Rama and Krishna,
But knew them not!

They really sing it,
Sing it
Who know it well
Rama and Krishna,
Into whose hearts
Burn it the light.

I heard the poor souls
Scrambling far from
And singing,
Singing in the dark
The song,
Song of Rama so soulfully.

A Singer of Rama

A singer of Rama,
A singer of Krishna
Stood he before
Singing the song of Rama,
The song of Krishna
Singing so lovefully,
So passionately
The singer of Rama Krishna
So full of zest,
So the poor soul lowly
With tears into the eyes
Trickling down cheeks,
He singing the song of Rama,
The song of Krishna
So distraught a soul
So devastated in life.


O Singer of Rama, You Go On, Go On Singing

O singer of Rama,
You go,
Go on singing,
The world is yours,
O singer,
Singer of Rama,
Rama and Krishna,

Just like a saint,
A saint
Sing you the songs,
The songs,
Do you the prayers!

You come,
Come to not,
But sing,
Sing from far
A face invisible,
But the voice coming,
Coming to,
But apart from so distraught
And devastated,
You singing,
Singing the song
Lost in your devotion
For Rama,
Lost and lost
And forgotten completely
Submerging the self in him,
The poor soul, self and spirit
In him!

A Singer of Rama! I Could Not Believe It!

A singer of Rama
The song of Rama
So zestfully
With pain in his voice
I could not,
Could not
Sense it,
The voice soaked in pain,
He was definitely singing,
The song of Rama
With tears
Flowing through,
Tricking down
The cheeks,
Something definitely
Would have ailed his soul,
Broke his heart!
Oh, I could not,
Could not
Sense it then!


Singer, when sad or morose
Or dispirited,
I turn, turn to you
For solace,
For consolation
When sad, sad,
Broken or full of memories
I turn to you, to you,
Singer for solace,
Moral and spiritual solace
Remembering your face,
Hearing, hearing your song,
Your song of Rama!

They also pray
Who sing it silently,
They also pray
Who say it in whispers,
They also pray
Who love it all,
There is no love greater than
This love of man,
There is no devotion greater than
This love of heart and soul,
There is no religion greater than
Than that of the service of mankind.

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