A Smile Poem by Kurt Hearth

A Smile

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A smile
is a frown turned upside down.
A smile
is painted on the face of a clown.
A smile
brightens a dreary day.
A smile
chases tears away.
A smile
is a gift that shows you care.
A smile
is priceless no matter where.
A smile
is the key to happiness.
A smile
a sure sign of success.

When you feel lonely in a strange place.
It helps to see a smile on another's face.
If there is any real magic around.
It is the silent magic of a smile's sound.


Rajaram Ramachandran 27 February 2007

Dear Kurt Hearth, The longest word in English is 'Smiles' because there is a mile between 'S' and 's'-they say. This poem I like very much for 'Smile' has become the rarest commodity in the present world. To smile one has to relax all his nerves and for anger one should keep all his nervers in tension, but none goes the easier way. There is a joke what I have heard about. A British man smiles immediately when he hears a joke. An Irish man a little later, while a Scot days after, when he recalls the joke at his leisure. Is it so? Please read my poem on 'Smile' in this website, which compares all sorts of smiles in the world. Your 'Smile' is excellent to read.

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Riya Mukesh Patil 23 August 2021

It's very very very nice poem I ever heard in my life

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Ida Nicoletti 26 May 2020

I like & love your poem. I always like poems that rhyme. However, I am looking for the one that begins with, " A smile costs nothing but it means much."

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RUBY JONH 01 May 2020

nice poem I LOVE ITI

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Jayne Sheehy 24 September 2018

Just a beautiful poem.

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Aidan Vaughan 02 August 2018

A beautiful poem.

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