A Soft Warm Wind Poem by Myrtle Thomas

A Soft Warm Wind

A Warm Soft Wind
In Praise to my King!

Deep as a well cool, refreshing
you please my soul, captivated
held like a feather in a soft hand
sooth my emotions when I fail

Adventures in dreams short lived
forgotten are the quest in mindful delights
gone are the traditions of youthful bloom
cast away like pollen in a raging wind

You pillow my mind in peaceful ambiance
for you are the destination my soul does seek
my light in darkness, shine on my feet
as a lamp in times of trouble
to separate the storm and steady my foot

Shoulder my burdens when I see no way
walk me through the battles of this world
with Hallelujah to my reigning King
Christ is my strong arm, my shield
in no other is my faith bestowed

Let me sleep in quiet slumber within your mind
oh Lord, it is you who knows me like no other
you see my every fiber, my thoughts and actions
are for only you to judge
' Judge me Lord ', in your righteous way
and if at all possible, let me live another day.

Sunday, January 1, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual
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