A Song In The Wind Poem by Myrtle Thomas

A Song In The Wind

Rating: 2.5

A Song In The Wind

Softly and smoothly the wind sings it's song
as time and memories move and pass on
people we love and cherish, have died
and through the years, we laughed and cried

Thinking of people in times, we have shared,
and in their lives, here they knew we cared
all are awaiting the time to awake from sleep
and some of us that are awaiting
Jehovah's promises to keep

A gift of life from a lump of soil
with life, love and through troubles we toil
happiness and misery a measurable lot
balance unequal in this earth's systems plot

As the wind howls and will harshly blow
calms the keeping of our mortal soul
for the Kingdom of Heaven watches us all
and a treasure of eternal life, if we heed Jehovah's call

I have seen the tragedy of this life
and tasted the sweet nectar after trials of strife
after a storm, how the wind will renew!
as life after death! Jehovah's promise he will do

My deep feeling! in the words of my verse
seek Jehovah's promises and make void death's curse
simple the ways of a wise loving man
instructions are easy just follow the Lord's plan

'John 3: 16 '

'For God loved the world*so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, '
in order that everyone exercising faith' in him might not be destroyed,
but have everlasting life.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: spiritual
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