A Somebody To Know Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

A Somebody To Know

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I know it is impossible to stand alone
you may lack the strength to face the cyclone
your feet are supposed to hold the ground
the logic stands good and suitably found

You can't face the challenge and survive
you lack the enough will power to strike
you look helplessly towards the sky
you may wonder all the time and ask only why?

it can never be the right attitude in question
it has to be strengthened and weighed in relation
if you can't face the solid rocks then attempts to scale
Else you will be hunted and swallowed by Whale

You may come ac cross many hurdles
difficulties too may be lot in bundles
it makes you to stand firmly to face
you can plan and withdraw in that case

if you loose high hopes and slide into frustration
it may not be solved and increase its duration
they may form permanent part of illusion
you will live amidst uncertainty and confusion

The object should never be magnified
it should be faced and defied
it may discourage you for time being
but yo are gifted with powerful wings

There is always hope in every despair
there is fragrance and sweetness in air
the appearance of dews even for short moment
leaves us to face it with counter movement

If small ant can carry the weight of many fold
we can certainly survive and firmly hold
we may face the reversal or defeat
but we may consolidate the position and not repeat

Not all the people may be blessed with favor
they may still be going ahead and fighting for
it is known fact that lucky will be only one
yet the attempt is made by everyone

There is nothing like gain or loss
Not all can become owner or boss
someone has to play subsidiary role
to defeat all should not be the only goal

there is something like contentment
this looks very nice statement
it can lead to permanent solution
we should have perfect aim with resolution

What do we lack is pure zeal?
killer's instinct to be seen as real
one side ready to enter a deal
at the same time muster the medicine to heal

Nothing can be taken as granted or for sure
they may show appeasement and make you to lure
you he too guide the destiny the and reach the shore
not a single opportunity is to be missed but try to seek more

Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India
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